Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Australia November 2017 (Top 5 Draft)

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Tesla Wins Australia

After a long interruption, Australia is back on the radar, although with unconfirmed data, so if anyone can validate this, it would be much appreciated.

Some 1.563 plug-ins were sold in so far this year, up 3% YoY, but still down 2% regarding 2015, the best year for PEVs in this market, with the PEV Share stuck at 0.14%, a much lower level than the neighboring New Zealand (0.8%).

Looking at the models ranking, the three time Best Seller ('14-'16) Mitsu Outlander PHEV has strangely disappeared from the top spots, leaving the road open to Tesla to make a 1-2 win, with the American brand already breaking their sales record here, with one month to go.

In the remaining Top 5 positions, the BMW i3 is running ahead of the Mercedes C350e for the Bronze Medal.

In the manufacturers ranking, there's really no competition for Tesla, with 56% share, followed by BMW (20%), which benefits from an extensive lineup, while Mercedes (11%) is running to keep its Third position.

Australia  2017Pl '16
Tesla Model S 4602
Tesla Model X425N/A
BMW i3
Mercedes C350e
Volvo XC90 PHEV

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