Sunday, September 8, 2013

Japan August 2013 (Updated)

This was how the I-Miev started back in 2009

Slowly Recovering Edition 

Now that the Outlander PHEV sales are active again, both Mitsubishi and the japanese EV market as a whole are in the upward trend, with Mitsu already recovering the #1 spot on the brands chart with 48%.

September should see the Plug-in SUV get to #1 and start to challenge the YTD leadership of the Nissan Leaf.

With the extensive reservations backlog of the Outlander now ready to be fulfilled, it looks that Mitsu will end this year in #1 and recover the japanese crown after all...

PlJapan    August       YTD     %Pl '12
1Nissan Leaf9387.65847       2
2Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV7765.083  31     N/A
3Mitsubishi I-Miev541.1687       3
4Mitsubishi Minicab Miev711.0807       4
5Toyota Prius Plug-In e)1008005       1
6Mitsub. Minicab Miev Truck95483     N/A


e) Estimate

Source:, Manufacturers


  1. Mitsu just published i-MiEV sales for August. Your figures are consistent except for the Outlander P-HEV, which sold 776 units after restarting production, for cumulative sales of 5,083 units. See here:

    1. I've updated the data, thanks for the tip!