Thursday, March 20, 2014

Austria February 2014

 Feeling the Heat Edition

71 EV's were sold in Austria this February, continuing the average of the past months, maybe when the VW e-Golf joins the market things will shape up a bit...

For the time being, the love affair between the Renault Zoe and Austria seems to be in trouble, as new models come in to scene, this month the BMW i3 won the best seller title, with 22 sales, while the french hatch ended in #2 (19 units sold), although it's still #1 YTD.

In #3 came the VW e-Up!, surely another of the reasons for the poor performance of the Zoe.

PlAustriaFebYTD '14%'13 Pl
1BMW i32228198
2Renault Zoe1943291
3Volkswagen e-Up! 11241611
4Nissan Leaf823163
5Tesla Model S71395
6Smart Fortwo ED51284
7Ford Focus Electric22114
8Mitsubishi I-Miev1119

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