Tuesday, December 8, 2015

News Flash - 08/12/15


- Tesla Sells 465 units in November!

- #4 in the Danish General Ranking...


  1. Very nice! How does it come?

  2. Wow! Over 2000 units in Denmark? It must be the same reason as with the Netherlands?

  3. Yes, it's the same as in Netherlands, fiscal changes, in this case, no more incentives for Tesla in 2016.

  4. wow, double the number of last month

  5. No incentives 2016 ? Also for other EVs or was it the story with no incentives for luxury EVs?

    1. I guess it will only hit Tesla.

    2. The removal of tax incentives will hit all electric vehicles. The more expensive cars will be hit hardest. The price for a model S is expected to almost double. Expect sales numbers to decline dramatically. Danish ev sales next year will be low and mostly consist of small cheap cars...

  6. Pretty expected numbers. It will be interesting to see how many will be sold in December before flat-lining.

  7. Yo, Jose! I am pretty sure I sent this message a week ago. I may have pressed the wrong button. Anyway, Irish November sales fro beepbeep.ie

    13 PHEVs - 1.37% market share
    7 EVs - 0.735% market share

    All that can be said for November are two things:

    Everyone is waiting for the 30kWh LEAF. There are quite a few already being advertised by dealers for January. Everyone's holding out like they had been back in 2013 for the cheaper refresh.

    Secondly, BMW. Just relentless, 6 i3s out of the blue, while moving 9 (!!!) BMW X5 xDrive 40e vehicles.

    That X5 plug-in is really something everywhere else, isn't it? I hope its popularity here will be reflected in January, then that will be somethin'!

    3 - Nissan LEAF
    1 - VW e-Golf
    3 - BMW i3 BEV

    3 - BMW i3 REx
    9 - BMW X5 xDrive 40e
    1 - Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

    Normally I should be a lot more excited, but I expressed that a week ago in that lost message. Ah well!

    1. Ah, Offib, my favorite Irish correspondent, i already missed you! :-)

      Yes, the BMW X5 looks to be a case of popularity in several countries, just like i suspect will be the Volvo XC90 T8.

      2% share is something to smile about, let's see if January keeps those market share numbers.

      I won't be publishing this month an Ireland article, but in the next it is dead certain a 2015 wrap up for Ireland!

    2. Aww shucks... *blushes*

      I have seen a number of new XC90s around, they were as common as buses back in the day. There was little difference between them anyway! The T8 is said to only cost €3500 more than the most popular D5, which is more popular than the base D4.

      I see no reason why someone who could spend the minimum of €70,000 wouldn't get the T8. I guess the only thing that's unsure is when will Volvo import it.

      Given how popular it is with everywhere else, I'm afraid Volvo would do what Mitsubishi will do. Dismiss Ireland's punitive market size and sell more in markets that have more people lining up for them. Even if that means not bringing in some 100 units here.

      What I do need to say, and I don't know if you heard the news, but the ESB network wanted to start billing drivers for public charges. It was uncovered and was meant to keep secret. Apparently the initiative was to charge 30 cents per minute on a Rapid Charger. €9 per Rapid Charge! For some vocal owners who have saved fortunes by charging 2 to work, and another two back, they claimed that this would then be more expensive than petrol, let alone diesel.

      Fortunately, ESB was caught out and offered to chat with owners. Yet with the original plan that was leaked, I am more than worried how it will impact sales. This lets remember is coming from a national provider, a monopoly too, half funded by the EU. They're not that desperate to make a buck, are they?

      Anyway, don't stress! Although, we know not to expect much from December other than mad market share numbers brought out of context! Hopefully it will bump up the yearly average and compensate for the slight slump from the past 3 months.

      What I can finally say is that despite the hiccups, namely people camping for the new LEAF, we were close to our estimate we made almost a year ago.

      It was in the February post, I'm rather proud of this. "I'm going to say 587, just to say it."

      Now if there were only 11 months in a year, that guess was only pessimistic by 1 unit! I'm chuffed.

    3. The Volvo XC90 is selling as hot cakes and the T8 version is suffering because of it, the only country where Volvo has made it readily available is Holland, as for the rest of the markets, it's sort like when the Outlander PHEV arrived in Europe, first the big sharks (Germany, UK, etc) will get it, and when demand is on cruise speed there, the medium and smaller fish will have the opportunity to grab a bite.

      It's the law of life, i guess.

      I didn't knew that ESB was going to charge from now on, 9€ is outrageously high!

      We have sort of the same situation here, with MobiE, monopoly position, free of charge for the time being, but there is talks that next year charging will start to have a fee, i hope it's not 9€!

      My guess is that the Leaf will have a record month in January, so i'm looking forward for that month.

  8. Denmark phase out is more gradual than Holland's.