Friday, November 30, 2018

Global All-Time Top 5 (Until Oct. '18 - Updated)

Resultado de imagem para Nissan Leaf new vs old
It might not look like it, but it is the same car. Bravo, Nissan design team!

Nissan Leaf the most common EV in the World

With 5 million plugins already sold so far, the best selling models are starting to reach significant numbers in the automotive world, while the Tesla Model 3 (103k units so far) and the BAIC EC-Series (150k) are all the rage right now, the fact is that both nameplates are still recent, with the Califonian being 15 months old, while the Chinese is not much older, with 22 months.

As such, the Top 5 is in the hands of older models, with the youngest one being the BYD Qin, that will celebrate its 5th birthday next December. 

In the lead we have the Nissan Leaf, that despite all the hate towards it, it is doing its work in an effective way, now counting almost 376.000 units sold, with the original frog-eyed version reaching the 300.000 units.

Not bad, eh?

The #2 Tesla Model S continues to rack up sales, and it will still take some time for its smaller sibling Model 3 to reach it.

The sure values Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Chevrolet Volt follow, with the Japanese SUV surpassing the GM hatchback.

A sad note is the fact that General Motors will send the Volt to greener pastures in the first half of 2019, despite a number of self-sabotaging measures from the Chevrolet management (ending the European operations for the Volt II was one of them…), the fact is that the Range Extended hatchback was of great importance in the first years of this Third Age of the Electric Car, being the Best Selling PEV in 2012, and runner-up in 2011 and 2013. 

You will be missed, Chevy Volt

Finally, in the Fifth Spot we now have the BYD Qin, with both the PHEV and BEV versions counted together, that has displaced the Toyota Prius PHEV, that despite having both generations counted together, it wasn't enough to hold on to #5. 

Nissan Leaf
Tesla Model S
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Chevrolet Volt

At many families request, below you will find the remaining models that have surpassed the 100k mark:

* BAIC EC-Series - 150k;

* BMW i3 - 130k;

* Renault Zoe - 122k;

* VW e-Golf / Golf GTE - 111k;

* Chery eQ - 110k;

* Tesla Model X - 110k;

* Tesla Model 3 - 103k;


  1. Can we get this as a top 10 or 20 instead :) ?

    1. yeah, Jose, sorry, but we would be happy to see top-10

      Maybe even with uncompleted data

  2. Jose,

    The Nissan Leaf will be the first EV model to reach the 400,000 cumulative sales milestone.

    But what about the 500,000 cumulative sales milestone?

    1. Maarten VinkhuyzenDecember 01, 2018

      I think the 60kWh version of the Leaf can more than double the sales numbers.
      When that happens, I hope it will open the eyes of RNM-Alliance managers about the importance of adequate range, and the stupidity of not offering the 60kWh right out of the gate.

      The 500,000 mark is for Q3-2019, with sales mainly in Europe and Japan. The resistance to selling BEV of any brand among the USA dealers appears to be mounting, judging by the sales numbers.

    2. Maarten,

      I think that the 500,000 Nissan Leaf sales milestone is more likely to be reached in Q4 2018.

  3. Jose,

    Mitsubishi should really unveil a new BEV model as soon as possible.

    How about a Mitsubishi Outlander EV?

    That would be really great.


    1. i don't think so.

      A BEV "Zoe" is a possibility, and even BEV Eclipse Cross, but anything larger should continue PHEV.

      But a BEV Outlander would have a lot of customers, that's for sure.

    2. Before an EV only Outlander they are expecting to increase the range of the PHEV by a large amount, up to 80-100km. Assuming it is fully charged that will be sufficient for the vast majority of journeys.

  4. Jose,

    The Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S are the only 2 Plug-In models that have crossed the 200,000 cumulative sales milestone.

    Which other Plug-In models are the most likely to join them in 2019?

    Tesla Model 3
    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    BYD Qin (PHEV +BEV)
    BAIC EC-Series

    The Chevrolet Volt crossing the 200,000 cumulative sales milestone in 2019 is not very likely, but it could nevertheless happen.

    What do you think about this?