Friday, May 10, 2019

France April 2019

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"Time to chill...More fun only in June, people!"

Market returns to normal

The French PEV passenger car market registered 4,542 registrations in April, up 43% YoY, with a big portion of this growth coming from BEVs, with 3,222 deliveries last month (+70%), with all-electric cars representing 71% of all plugin sales. This growth is even more significant, when we realize that the overall market remained stagnant (+0.4%). 

This result kept the 2019 PEV share at 2.6%, with BEVs alone having 1.9% share.

On the other hand, diesel sales just keep on sliding, having reached a minimum of 33% last month, far from the 64% it had just 5 years ago...Will we see France drop the diesel addiction by 2024?

Looking at last month Best Sellers, the Renault Zoe sales were up 53% last month, to 1,472 units, earning it the #34 spot overall, while this month main news came in 3rd place, with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV reaching 281 units, a new year best for the Japanese SUV, that is starting to become a case study, as it looks indifferent to the passing of time, it has been on sale for six years now, or the headwinds that plugin hybrids are experiencing.  

Elsewhere, the Tesla Model 3 is back at more normal levels, having ended the month in 4th, with 251 deliveries, far from the 940 registrations that its Mercedes C-Class Premium competitor managed to make last month. 

Will the Tesla sedan be able to make regular 1,000/month performances over time, or were the 1,153 units of March a freak event? Discuss.

Renault Zoe
Nissan Leaf
Mitsu. Outlander PHEV
Tesla Model 3
Kia Niro EV

In a market known for its stability, this time there were a number of changes in the top positions, with the Mitsubishi Outlander jumping 2 spots to 4th, switching places (and the PHEV leadership) with the Volvo XC60 PHEV.

Interestingly, the other change on the Top 10 also involved a PHEV, with the Mini Countryman PHEV climbing to #8.

On the second half of the ranking, the Mercedes E300e/de twins have joined the Top 20, in #18, being the first Mercedes to show up here in 2019. Maybe the EQC could join it by year end?

Underlining the Korean brands good moment, Hyundai saw both its best selling models climb in the ranking, with the Kona EV registering 161 units, a new record, allowing it to go up one place, to #11, while the Ioniq PHEV was also up one position, to #19.

In the brands ranking, Renault (30%, up 1%), continues in the leading position, while Tesla (10%, down 2%) is in the 2nd spot, with Volvo (8%, down 1%) and Nissan (8%) both running for the podium. 


  1. AnonymousMay 10, 2019

    Not unexpectedly, the Zoe is holding well into the year before the arrival of the new one. The Leaf is already diving and the newer version might not be able to fend off the Kia and Hyundai (new Ioniq) offensive.
    Regarding the Model 3 from Tesla, I would say the normal will be sales in the region of 250-350 units per month, even factoring the SR+ availability and the fact it erodes Model S sales. And the more the time advances, more difficult will be for it poaching customers from other direct or indirect competitors (I-Pace, Niro EV, e208, Zoe, ID.3,...).

  2. Maarten VinkhuyzenMay 10, 2019

    The arrival of the Peugeot e208 and DS3 Crossback e-Tense will be the big upheavals in this market. The Kona, Niro, I.D.3, will have there place among the foreign brands.

    The Model 3 will be climbing in the upper part of the market. There is not a comparable offering on price/quality or over all value.

    What is lacking in France is a sales / service / charging infrastructure to support higher sales by Tesla.

    1. Maarten Vinkhuyzen,

      The arrival of the DS3 Crossback e-Tense will be sooner than the Peugeot e-208. Therefore, I think that we will see the DS3 Crossback e-Tense enter the top 20 in France already in Q3 2019. The start of deliveries of the Peugeot e-208 in serious numbers in France will take place in Q4 2019 at the soonest.

      Both EV models will do great in France in 2020.


  3. AnonymousMay 11, 2019

    Zoe pownz Tesla Model 3.
    Go Zoe! Go Zoe! Go Zoe!

  4. It seems most likely that Model 3 will stabilise at a level somewhere between the March peak and the April slump -- putting it far from #1, but probably should be able to keep #2 this year...