Thursday, December 5, 2019

Denmark November 2019

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Model 3 and the Koreans

The Danish market continued on the fast track (+78% YoY) in November, with 8.241 units being registered this year so far, placing the 2019 PEV share at a record 3,9%, a significant jump regarding the 2018 score (2%).

The current leader, the Tesla Model 3, had a slow month, with only 59 deliveries, as the neighboring Netherlands are gobbling up every Model 3 it can find (i think i have written this before...), but with a 700 units advantage over the #2 Kia Niro PHEV, Tesla Denmark should be preparing by now the 2019 Best Seller party for its midsize model...

Below the Tesla Model 3, we have three(!) Korean models, but the November Best Seller was the Renault Zoe, with 124 registrations, its best performance in 26 months (Stock clearance of the old model? Volume deliveries of the new one? Both?), allowing it to climb to #5.

And in the unlikely event that Renault doesn't decide to starve other markets in December, to the profit of the Netherlands, the French hatchback could even aspire to take the 4th place of the Hyundai Kona EV, that is only 63 units ahead.

Another model on the rise is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, that after all these years, has finally cracked this market and is having its best year ever, right now it is #6, and could even try to reach higher spots, depending if Renault and Hyundai decide to starve this market in December. 

Outside the Top 10, a mention to the revised Hyundai Ioniq Electric, delivering a record 40 units, same as the VW Passat GTE, that registered a best ever 30 registrations (in both cases, the age old formula gets proved again: > battery  =  > sales), while the Tesla Model S had its best result since January 2016(!), with 27 deliveries (maybe there was an up-selling effort from the the Tesla sales team?), but the most surprising event were the 23 registrations of the VW Golf GTE (yes, the current Gen. VII, not the future Gen. VIII), maybe the local Volkswagen importer found some units of the PHEV model stored in some barn? 

In the Manufacturers ranking, the race is hot, with Tesla and Kia tied in the leadership, both with 25% share, while Hyundai, with 14%, is firm in the last place of the podium.


  1. José could you enlighten us more as to what the incentive changes are in the Netherlands?
    Thanks John

  2. Maarten VinkhuyzenDecember 06, 2019

    José, a bird whispered in my ear that Flins is producing exclusively for the Netherlands. I take that with a grain of salt, it was only the factory manager who said it in the birds ear. But is could amount to a few weeks of production coming my way.
    (Including one produced on the 16th of this month with my name tagged to it.)

    About the tax incentive in the Netherlands.

    For cars registered this year, you have to add 4% of the first €50k of your BEV to your taxable income, and 22% of the rest of the price over €50k. This tax rule is fixed for 5 years.

    For cars registered in 2020 you have to add 8% over the first €45k and 22% over the rest of the price to your income. Also fixed for 5 years.

    That is 5 times 4% over €45k = €9,000
    Plus 5 times 18% over €5,000 = €4,500
    Depending on your tax rate, that is between 40% and 52% of €13,500.

    I hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for the explanation! I saw the percentages/thresholds before -- but so far I've never seen an explanation what effect this actually has...

      Interesting to note that for affordable BEVs in the 30,000 - 35,000 Euro range, the difference would only be about half... Which may be one reason while many other makers are not bothering with accelerated deliveries? Still a lot of money to leave on the table, though...

    2. Thanks for the input, Maarten.