Sunday, June 28, 2020

Slovakia May 2020 (Draft)

SKODA Start Production of EV CITIGO iV in Bratislava Plant

Local heroes lead hot market

Despite the pandemic and the dog days of the local automotive marke (-38% YoY), the PEV market in Slovakia is on fire, with sales up 190% this year, with the PEV share in May reaching 1.6%, in line with the 2020 PEV share. 

And don't think this is thanks to tax dodging PHEVs, as 62% of all plug-ins sold this year were BEVs...With all-electrics growing faster (+245%) than plugin hybrids. This is a market that not only is growing fast, but it is doing so with a BEV prevalence. Keep up the good work, Slovakia!

Essential to this brilliant result are the locally made Skoda Citigo EV and VW e-Up, respectively #1 and #2 in the table, with the German-badged version scoring a record 24 registrations last month. Both counted together, they make 28% of the total plugin market.

Looking elsewhere, the Skoda Superb PHEV is #3, with 52 registrations, while the #4 Renault Zoe is far behind the podium bearers, with just 21 units registered.

Outside the Top 5, a mention to the rising Hyunda Kona EV, #6 with 19 registrations, 3 of them last month, while the Porsche Taycan is also popular, already registering 11 units this year, 4 of them in May. 

In the manufacturers ranking, Skoda (27%) is leading with a sizeable margin, with Volkswagen in Second (14%) and BMW (9%) in 3rd, while Hyundai and Porsche(!), both with 7% share, are looking to close in on the Bavarian maker. 


  1. What does it mean when a post is marked as Draft?

    1. Data is not 100% certified.

    2. How do you certify data?

    3. When the source is 100% reliable (ex: goverment data) and complete.

  2. Nice trajectory!

    What always strikes me about these small markets is that just a handful of sales are enough to be relevant...

    Unfortunately, a couple of sales per month isn't enough for Tesla for example to justify opening a gallery :-(

  3. AnonymousJune 30, 2020

    This development may have something to do with the €8000 government grant for EVs. For cheaper cars like the Citigo and the up! it almost cancels out the price difference between the EV and ICE versions.

    1. I see...That does explain a lot.

      Thanks for the heads up!