Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Interview to EV Universe (2nd part added)


A great interview by Jaan, of EV Universe, someone passionate for EVs and with a keen eye on the latest developments, i believe we should follow his work in the future, i know i will!

Part One here

Part Two here 


  1. Thanks, José! I had a great time chatting with you, let's do that again soon. I'm sure we'll see you around in the EV Universe. ;)

    Jaan | The EV Universe

  2. Jose Pontes
    Every year, bp oil publishes world energy stats with info on production of fossil fuels, nuclear, hydro, renewable energy.
    Of late they included the production & reserves of cobalt, lithium, graphite which goes into batteries.
    Why not you sell the global annual auto sales data to bp and make some money.
    I know that CT publishes this and pays you, but not everyone goes to their site. So bp publishing this will spread info to more people.
    You can approach them, no idea how successful it will be since its an oil company. Just a try.

    Thanks for these interviews, today I got a chance to listen. Your views are correct, it will take 2030 to hit 50% for BEVs.

    1. Thanks for the tip, i will have a go at it.

      BTW, please have a look at the articles i am making for Autovista24 (links on the article above), and tell me your thoughts on it, do you think it´s worth to continue on that track?

  3. Greetings Jose: I watched both of your interviews, perfect analysis. Yes the sudden decrease in subsidies crashes the EV sales especially the 2019's 50% cut in chinese subsidies.

    However since 2020, chinese govt has done the right thing by cutting 10% in 2020, 20% in 2021 and 30% in 2022.
    After all the cost of batteries has gone down from $1,200 / kWh to $ 137 / kWh at end of 2020. So slowly all subsidies should be phased out at least by 2024 end.

    If chinese can sell 325,000 plugins with just $2,478 subsidy, then its worth emulating. And this is going down to $1,735 starting 2022-01.

    Sadly US is offering $12,500 to automakers who are least interested in selling plugins: is this going to bring any increase in plugin sales here. Well no one known how many plugins are sold. Tesla sold nearly 200,000 BEVs in 2020 in USA with 0 subsidies.

    I hope at least Europeans chop the subsidies by 25% every 6 months.

    Please elaborate on this in your next interview.
    Great work.

    1. GM's management is losing credibility by the day, and making Ford's no nonsense management look like geniuses :P

      By the way, what do you think about the Hummer EV, compared with Ford's, Rivian and the Cybertruck?

      That part of the market is something i always have a hard time to judge, because that part of US car culture is the most foreign to me.

    2. Jose Pontes: Hummer EV is going weigh 9,046 pounds (4,103 kg) while Rivian weighs 7,148 (4,468 kg).
      Also only the 1st (expensive edition) of Hummer will be sold this month while the 4th (cheapest) comes 2 1/2 years later with the 2 mid levels placed like somewhat evenly in between.

      Also the Cadillac Lyriq: Only 1,500 units will be sold next year.
      All this shows that GM is going to sell eHummer & Lyriq as ultra low volume vehicles.

      Ford is likely to sell more Lightning since trucks are important for them.
      Rivian and Tesla has to sell their trucks since they dont have any ICE trucks.

      At least 40-50 % of trucks are used as household vehicle which pulls heavy load < 5% of their time.

      Overall people weighing < 100 kg and driving trucks weighing > 4,000 kg is atrocious waste of battery, fuel... But thats the culture here.


  4. @Jose Pontes: Important update for you.


    Global average battery price at pack level stands at $132 / kWh.

    For BEV, its $118 / kWh

    For e-buses in China, its $101 / kWh

    I expected overall price to go down to $115 / kWh. Anyway we can blame it on Covid. Some decrease is still good.

  5. Jose Pontes: Based on your stats (including 2021-10), I see that in plugins
    Europe crossed 5.020.039 while China crossed 7.094.911
    and Worldwide crossed 15.370.625.
    15 million: Cause to celebrate.

    Thanks again for your service.