Saturday, January 5, 2013

Australia Full Year 2012

Despite a tremendous growth in percentage points (almost 500%), with just 253 car sales in 2012, the Australian EV market is still small, especially if you look at the larger picture, after all this is a 1 million units market, here electrics are just 0,023% of the global market.

But not all are bad news, because with little more than a month in the market, the Holden Volt passed the Nissan Leaf  and was just 15 units behind the leader Mitsubishi I-Miev, will this mean that the Volt will dominate the australian market like it does in Canada?

Only time will tell, but it looks that way, Plug-In Hybrids are increasing sales EV everywhere and if that happens in Australia,  it's possible that this year the aussie market reaches the thousands milestone.

Australia 2012 %
Mitsubishi I-Miev 95 38
Holden Volt 80 32
Nissan Leaf 78 31
TOTAL 253 100

Sources:; Australia's VFacts

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