Sunday, April 28, 2013

China Full Year 2012

As I've said earlier, it became available new data about the chinese market, enabling to do a best selling chart, as all models here are homegrown,  most some of them are unknown to the international audience,  I've decided to present the best-selling chart in a more visual way:

2013 Chery QQ3 EV
1 - Chery QQ3 EV

Having sold 5.305 units in 2012 of this little runabout, Chery earned the crown for best selling model and brand in the chinese electric cars chart, with a 44% market share.

At just 100 kms, it doesn't have that much of a range, but at some 6.500$ (tax deductions included) it's a bargain.

A series of JAC J3 EV coming as a gift to...
2 - JAC J3 EV

Another surprising presence, the JAC model sold 2.485 units of this compact sedan last year, not bad considering a price on the high side (26.000$) and a range of just 130 kms.

An "american" BYD e6

3 - BYD e6

Probably the most well known electric vehicle Made in China and definetly the most exported, in its home market the compact MPV sold 2.091 units last year, earning it a bit disappointing third place, maybe the reason behind this is a steep price of 33.000$, making it the most expensive of these ranking.

A Toyota Corolla  BYD F3 DM in decals

4 - BYD F3 DM

In its last complete year (It will be replaced by the Qin), the only Plug In Hybrid in this chart sold 1.201 units, not bad considering the dated looks.

Zotye TD100 EV with green stripes
5 - Zotye TD100/5008 EV

Looking like a past generation Daihatsu Terios (Because that's what it is), the little Zotye SUV sold 845 units in '12 and with the arrival of more fierce competition, it looks that it will have a year full of obstacles to overcome in '13.

2013 Mercedes BAIC E150 EV

6 - BAIC E150 EV

Mercedes-Benz chinese partner BAIC sold 645 units of its B-Class derived model, an ironic fact, since it now sold more E150 EV's than electric cars sold by Mercedes...  


  1. This is like a National Geographic Special on chinese cars


  2. Here's a bit more data about the chinese EV market:

    - In 2011 there were 5.579 units sold and in '12 there were 12.791, representing a growth of 129% year-on-year;

    - Of these 12.791 EV's, 1.416 were PHEV's, representing 11% share for plug in hybrids;

    - Despite these generous numbers, EV's represented only 0,07% of the total sales in China.