Sunday, May 5, 2013

Canada April 2013

Whitish Canadian Mitsubishi I-Miev 

Deceiving Numbers Edition

Like many things in life, numbers can be deceiving and April EV sales in Canada are an example of that, if at first sight a plug-in share of just 0,12% seems discouraging, in reality EV's are improving at a 25% rate in a stable market (up 1%), so the road is long but it is getting done.

Looking at the models ranking, it looks like it was another good month for the Chevy Volt, now alone yet again in #1, but the truth is that in the same month last year it had sold 76 units, resulting in a 16% drop.

On the other hand, the Nissan Leaf dropped to second, 16 cars behind (48) the Volt, but this result is a 85% improvement over last year, contributing to a 117% YTD growth, so it looks that this year GM's plug-in car has real competition in Canada.

The other two contenders switched their usual positions, with the I-Miev in third and the Prius last, although YTD Toyota's Plug-In still has a comfortable margin over its fellow japanese competitor.

Pl.      Canada April YTD'13  YTD'12 13 vs '12
1 Chevrolet Volt 64 241   210 14,76%
2 Nissan Leaf 48 204   94 117,02%
3 Toyota Prius Plug-In 22 108   N/A N/A
4 Mitsubishi I-Miev 24 59   68 -13,24%
  TOTAL 158 466   372 25,27%

Source: Good Car Bad Car

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