Monday, July 22, 2013

Markets Roundup June 2013 (Updated)

This is how much junk you can store in a Fluence ZE trunk
The Rise of Zoe II

June came and the new french sales star Renault Zoe collected three new trophies (Germany, Switzerland and Denmark) to the ones it had last month (Spain, France and Austria), losing only Italy for the Nissan Leaf, but enough to lead comfortably the European ranking. 

But it's not just the Zoe to give good news to Renault, the Fluence ZE became the best selling plug-in car in Hong Kong (Wait! What?), both on the monthly chart and in the YTD ranking.

In the UK-made Leaf news, it recovered the best selling title in Italy, reached #3 (And best selling BEV) in Holland, #2 in Switzerland and Portugal and...That's it for now, the Zoe isn't giving any chances. 

Trends in the G7 (Great Seven)

The US market made the news with the podium ranking upside down, with the previous #3 (Volt) now in number one, the previous #1 (Model S) now in third place and the #2 (Leaf) in the same position and all three separated by just 55 units in the YTD ranking.

Looking at EV shares, only Germany has a lower EV share than in '12, but this month it recovered, it's now standing at 0,18%, still 0,02% behind the 2012 performance (0,20%), but it's getting there. As for the others, the biggest gains are in the USA (0,52% in '13 vs 0,39% in '12) and Norway (3,56% vs 3,12%).

Other Markets

Switzerland (169 units), Italy (182), Austria (122 units) registered the best selling months of the year, helping them to recover their respective EV shares (0,31%, 0,08% and 0,16%). Let's hope they continue the upwards trend and reach the end of this year at least at 2012 EV level shares (0,41%, 0,13 and 0,30%, respectively).

Mentioning other countries, it's worth noting that Bulgaria registered in June their first four Renault Twizy's and Mexico has 70 Nissan Leaf's registered this year.

Ruining our month theme, here's the Fiat 500e backside

Questions for July

Who will be the US #1 in July?

Will the Chevrolet Spark EV beat all compliance cars in its second month of sales?

How will the 500e behave in its debut month?

Will the Zoe improve even further its performance?

Will Germany have a new leader?

In which european country will the Tesla Model S perform better?

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