Monday, August 26, 2013

World Top 10 July 2013

In July the PiP stopped the sales slide 

Models - Prius in third 

Having more trouble than expected in the European introduction of the Model S, Tesla's new baby was relegated to fourth place in July by the Prius Plug-In, that saw its sales past the 1.200 units for the first time since March and recover some of the lost ground to the american-made car.

The remaining ranking is fairly stable, although the C-Max Energi has already the #8 position of the troubled I-Miev in its sights and is now looking to pass by it in August.

Tenth place goes this month for the Ford Fusion Energi, with 2.032 units YTD, but with the #12 Chery QQ3 EV just 32 units behind (2.000) and most importantly,  the #11 Renault Twizy just 5 units behind(!), this promises to be one heated race until the end.

Finally, BEV's add yet another point to their share, now in 64% versus 36% for PHEV's, since the beginning of the year pure electric cars recovered 14% share, thanks to new models (Zoe, Model S) and sales rebound of existing ones (Leaf, Fortwo ED).

Comparing today's positions with last years ranking, there are some changes, the Leaf jumps from third to the top spot, the Model S climbs 4 positions to #3, the Zoe comes out of nowhere (#28) to #5 and the Outlander Plug-In appears in #6 in its first year on sale.

On the flip side, the Mitsu I-Miev drops from #5 to #8 and the Twizy from #4 to #10.

1Nissan Leaf3.70223.823253
2Chevrolet Volt (1)2.01013.767151
3Tesla Model S75910.916127
4Toyota Prius Plug-In1.2249.431102
5Renault Zoe6925.462628
6Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In04.3075N/A
7Renault Kangoo ZE3283.29646
8Mitsubishi I-Miev (2)1233.11235
9Ford C-Max Energi4433.00339
10Ford Fusion Energi4122.0322N/A


Manufacturers - Toyota closes in to Tesla

In the Manufacturers ranking, Nissan is stable at the top and it's now followed by Chevrolet at 15% share and Renault with 12%.

Still working on its Euro-landing, Tesla was #6 in July, losing another point, to 12% share and now sees Toyota recovering behind it.

Behind the seven major players, figures become a bit sketchy as one doesn't know for sure how the chinese brands are behaving, but taking in account confirmed numbers, Chery holds on firmly to #8. 

Comparing the ranking with 2012, we can see Nissan back at #1 (It held the best selling crown in 2011), Tesla jumping from #9 to #4 thanks to the Model S success, Smart up from #15 to #9, while Toyota dropped from #2 to fifth place.

8Chery (e)2002.00026

(1) - Includes Holden Volt, Opel and Vauxhall Ampera;
(2) - Includes Citröen C-Zero and Peugeot iOn.
(e) - Estimate

Questions for August

Will the C-Max Energi pass the Mitsu I-Miev? 

Who will get this time the tenth place in the models ranking?

Will Renault confirm the #3?

Will Toyota surpass Tesla?

Can Smart hold on to #9?


  1. where do you find the renault monthly sales number? It looks like July hasn't been posted to their website. Thanks!

    1. Adding sales from the several countries where Renault sells their EV's.

  2. Answers:

    1 - Oh yes.

    2 - Ford Fusion Energi. And now it's going after #9;

    3 - Not only it didn't held the third spot, Renault has also fallen to #5, and with Mitsubishi in comeback mode, it has to up its game if it wants to stay in fifth;

    4 - Yes. This particular fight will be entertaining in the next months;

    5 - Yes it did, but both BYD (#10) and Volvo (#11) are looking to have strong year endings, so a lot can happen here.