Saturday, December 21, 2013

Switzerland November 2013

"Bullit With Butterfly Wings"

Almost There Edition

A good month for the Swiss EV market, with 139 units registered, pulling the EV share to 0,40%, just 0,01% less than last year, a number that could be reached if December sales end up strong.

This month the Renault Zoe won another #1, although with an unimpressive result of 38 units sold, barely ahead of #2...

...Which was the Tesla Model S, continuing to impress (37 units) and enabling to climb one position to #3, with hopes that it can still catch Twizy's #2 in December.

At the bottom of the YTD chart, we assist at the surefooted landing of the BMW i3 (21 units, #3 in November), and to a surprising monthly #4 of the Chevy Volt, registering 11 cars and reducing the gap between it and its disappointing brother Opel Ampera.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, this is still Renault's turf (#1 with 43% share), but GM has been wiped out of the map (In 2012 it had 26% share, now it only has 11%), and in consequence, we have new competitors on the podium, with Tesla now #2 (15%) and Nissan #3 (14% this year, just 5% the year before).

1Renault Zoe382782511
2Renault Twizy 10198181
3Tesla Model S3716615N/A
4Nissan Leaf8158146
5Mitsubishi I-Miev610595
6Opel Ampera47062
7Chevrolet Volt115856
8Fisker Karma22328
9Citröen C-Zero22224
10BMW i321212N/A
11Peugeot iOn
12Renault Fluence ZE
Tesla Roadster
Think City



Source:; Manufacturers


  1. I'm not sure that you can consider 139 unit sold a good month for the Swiss market. Only Tesla and Renault sold ev in "good" numbers. Nissan sold only 8 leafs. The problem may be the non-existing charging infrastructure. Basically you can charge only at home. This is funny if you consider that ABB, the world leader in fast-charging stations is based in Switzerland.

  2. It's a good month if we consider that it was the third best performance of the year, behind September (140 units) and June (169).

    With 0,40% share, Switzerland isn't on the forefront of EV's, like Norway or the Netherlands, but it isn't that bad on EV acceptance like, say, Italy (0,10% share), the question is that Swiss people like big, fast cars and until recently there weren't electric cars that could fill those requirements, that's why Tesla has a goldmine here.

    As for fast-charging, i saw them in swiss train stations car parks, like in Lausanne, but yes, they are rare if we compare it with other countries, ABB should enforce fast-charging in Switzerland and maybe they will if the Swiss Tesla Supercharger becomes successful.