Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Italy April 2014

Numb Edition

After 190 units sold in March, the Italian EV market went back to two-digits in April, with the EV Share stuck at 0,09%. But all is not bad, the total amount of sales this year are at 439 units, way above the 274 registered a year ago.

There wasn't any real surprises in the ranking, with only three models (Twizy, Leaf and BMW i3) scoring significant sales.

In the YTD ranking the Twizy is #1 and the last place of the podium changed hands, with the BMW i3 (28 sales in April) rising to #3 and the Renault Zoe dropping to #4, the french hatch had an horrible month, selling just 4 units, its worst result ever.

1Renault Twizy e)30119271
2Nissan Leaf2198222
3BMW i32865157
4Renault Zoe461143
5Smart Fortwo ED343104
6Tesla Model S222511
7Volvo V60 Plug-In
8Peugeot iOn6110
9Renault Fluence ZE4518
10Mia Electric     24114
10Volkswagen e-Up!     10N/A


  1. Sheesh, the Fluence Z.E. sold as much as the Zoe. I hope it has something to do with availability. Still, Renault's batery rental really only seem to please fleet owners. While a much smaller initial price is nice, despite common beleif, most consumers can dig deeper and find that there's an additional rental. They should have an option to buy the car fully, or lease the car fully too (I doubt they let go that).

    Well, it's nice to see that there are places where the Twizy is still doing well.

    If you're awaiting on Irish sales, 10 were sold, all Nissan LEAFs (it's a pain to look for the rest that were poorly catagorised), making 0.13% of the market. While it sounds poor, the Irish market is very volatile with April down by around 50% compared to March.

    May and down the road may prove to be more interesting inthe Irish market. The Zoe was just announced in May, costing €22,000 before incentives, I don't think it has battery rental.

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  2. It seems a trend in Europe. Last year's sales where quite horrible, and this year the YTD have reached or exceeded last year's total numbers. Nice evolution!

    1. In deed sales are up across Europe, in the first quarter there were 18.884 EV's registered in Europe, while the same period a year ago only registered 10.369 plug-ins.

  3. AnonymousMay 15, 2014

    Infos about Belgium :

  4. You should add a total line like in your other reports!