Sunday, October 26, 2014

Australia 3Q 2014

Will the Outlander PHEV be a success story in Australia?

Waiting for Newcomers Edition

The third quarter australian sales data became available and short of knowing the numbers from the Outlander PHEV, they aren't that great, with stagnant sales from the usual two (Leaf and Volt), with the EV share down to 0,021% vs 0,026% a year ago. Let's hope the Mitsu SUV, as well as the impending arrivals of Tesla and BMW i-models, contribute to change this.

Looking at what we have now, the Nissan Leaf continues at #1 with 130 units sold, a shy 10% increase from a year ago... 

...But Holden did even worse, selling only 47 Volts this year, which is half of it had sold last year!

Australia3Q '143Q'13
Nissan Leaf130118
Holden Volt4789
Mitsubishi I-Miev045

e) - Estimate


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