Saturday, November 1, 2014

Markets Roundup September 2014 - Market Volumes Edition

At many families request, here are the Top 10 Markets by volume:

Country     Sep.'14 2014 2013 2012    All Time
USA 10.551 87.369 96.034 54.970 258.742
Japan 3.897 24.340 30.264 26.109 98.811
China 11.991 42.493 17.732 13.292 71.177
France 2.328 10.919 14.971 11.822 42.400
Netherlands 1.143 11.545 23.170 5.583 41.259
Norway 1.528 15.403 8.669 4.338 31.790
Germany 1.076 9.247 6.749 6.492 24.806
UK 3.014 8.256 3.730 2.971 16.334
Canada 522 3.817 3.045 1.969 9.404
Sweden 397 3.714 1.922 1.212 7.107

This shows how many plug-in cars are sold in each market, not the impact they are making, because of the overall market dimension, putting this as an extreme example, despite China buying three times more EV's than Norway, the global auto market in Norway is some 100 times smaller than the Chinese, the impact those 15k registrations make in the Scandinavian country is way more important than the 43k sold in the Asian giant.

Now, with that out of the way, let's look at the numbers: 

- The US market has been on it's own league since a long time (The last time Japan was #1, it was the year 2010), selling two times more than the runner-up and almost doubling sales in each passing year. Now in 2015 things might be different...(See China) 

- Although still #2 in stock volume, thanks to all those #2 (2011 to 2013) won, Japan was passed by awaking giant called China, and with a small yearly growth rate, it looks that Japan will be #3 for a long time;

- China has been considered by many as the crucial market for EV's because of sheer volume, although selling in great numbers over the last years (A consistent #3), the truth is that the impact in the global chinese auto market was still symbolic. Not this year, sales have been piling up and records beaten almost on a monthly basis, with China rising to Second Place this summer (We were in 2010 the last time it did), and last month it has even beaten USA as the largest market for plug-ins!  If this trend goes on, and nothing points to the contrary, the next year could be the first to crown China as the Largest EV Market On Earth;

- Behind these three, we have five european countries with balanced results, resulting in several changes in the Largest Euro EV Market across the years (France in 2012, Netherlands in 2013, Norway in 2014), and even on a monthly basis, with the UK winning for the first time this trophy last month, speaking of stock volume, it looked like the Dutch were going to steal the Euro #1 from France, but a recent sales inversion (Netherlands falling, France rising), made it stay (For now at least) in french territory;

- Finally the last two markets, Canada and Sweden, while the first has been experiencing a steady growth over time, in the second, sales boomed this year, looking like it has reached some kind of tipping point.


  1. With a population of 1/10 of the USA, Canada is at 1/20 to 1/25 the sales ratio to the USA. Even with higher gas prices and cheaper electricity.

  2. The problem in Canada is the distances between charging stations. With less population density come less charging infrastructure. Which leads to more range anxiety. Right now for me the only way I could travel to see my relatives for Christmas would be with ice or a Tesla, I can't afford a tesla so I'm stuck with ice. A Leaf is unable to go the distances required between charging stations

  3. Just the tedious, little update of Irish sales. I'm sure they won't effect much on for the large, grand scheme of things like this.

    Still, October sales to report.
    11 plug-ins (out of 2042 sales) making 0.54% of market in October. Unfortunately, that's excluding some unknowns. While one Unknown (Outlander PHEV) is counted, there are two more which should make 13 sales and 0.64%. I tried to find these two Unknowns (plug-in hybrids), but nothing. I've searched all over, for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Volvo, Ford, Toyota, Opel/Vauxhall and Porsche. No sign of the two Unknowns.

    Speaking of Audi, they will bring the A3 e-tron this November.

    1 Outlander PHEV (out of 10 diesels sadly)
    5 LEAFs
    3 Zoes (must be its best)
    1 e-Golf
    1 i3


    2. I also found some very interesting details...

      In all of 2014:
      The LEAF outsold the X-TRAIL, Pulsar and Murano. (2.65% of Nissans)
      The Outlander PHEV outsold the Colt and Pajero. (4.2% of Mitsus)
      The i3 at least outsold the Z4. (0.42% of Bimmers)

      Of course, monthly shares since August are much rosier.

  4. Thanks offib, i will post the Ireland article soon.

  5. Thanks! Take your time. I forgot where I've sent you the September sales if you need to add up YTD figures, I think it was on a post about China.

    I got to say, the year is almost done, YTD sales are 216 EVs and 32 Plug-in hybrids. I know we've said that 300 this year is possible, and we're close, but with the likes of December sales stuggle in the hundreds, I think the 300 mark is reserved for 2015