Saturday, November 28, 2015

Markets Roundup October 2015

Renault Twizy in Colombia

Renault Twizy: To Boldly Go Where No Other EV Has Gone Before

After the initial craze, when sales hit 9.000 units in 2012, the Renault Twizy sales have now stabilized around 2.500 units per year, probably a number that the french manufacturer had hoped to sell every month, helas but, there is a silver lining to be seen here, while the tiny two seater continues to see its sales shrink in its native Europe (Down 15% regarding 2014), in the rest of the world sales are actually booming, if last year there some 115 Twizzies registered outside Europe, from January until now we are with 268...Admittedly, these are small numbers, but the interesting bit is where these cars are registered:

-  203 units were registered in Colombia, 27 in Malaysia and 19 in Tahiti, all new territories for the Renault ZE sub-brand;

- 19 units in Morocco, slightly less than the 22 units registered in October'14, but still a good result.

The shining result of the Twizy in Colombia allows it to have 0,1% of the local market, therefore placing the EV share in Colombia also at 0,1%, thus placing that market at the forefront of EV's in Latin America, along with Costa Rica.

All referred markets are considered uncharted territory for EV's, so the tiny french vehicle could be considered as a pathfinder for the rest of the plug-in crowd, searching for ev-friendly markets "Where no other EV has gone before".


Trends in the G8, in Twitter-like sentences

- Volt II arrives in the US, @1;

- Outlander PHEV @1 in Japan, #Finally;

- Outlander PHEV, King Of England;

- Zoe rules in France, e-Golf in Norway;

- Soul EV @1 in Germany, #Really?;

- Netherlands sales shoot up, #2013;

- China goes interstellar, #Kandi @1.

Trends in other Markets, in Twitter-like sentences

- Volt II arrives in Canada, next stop @1;

- Smart Fortwo ED, Winner2Go in Spain;

- Tesla #1, @Switzerland, @Denmark, @Austria, @Hong Kong, @Finland;

- Belgium @Foto-Finish, #Model S, #Cayenne Plug-In 


  1. Jose, when talking about Colombia and Costa, are you refering to the EV market share of 2015 CYTD sales or the segment's share of the total registered motor fleet?

    I ask because by January 2015 Costa Rica had 2,229 registered EVs, including cars, buses, motorcycles, quadricycles and e-bikes, out of a total motor vehicle fleet of 1.399.238 vehicles, which results in a 0.16% share of the registered fleet at the beginning of 2015. So, 0.1% for just CYTD 2015 seems like to much.

    Check the source of my figures here:

  2. 0,1% refers only to 2015 passenger car sales in Colombia.