Friday, April 15, 2016

Looking For EV's - Germany April 2016 (Berlin)

Only in Berlin: Citroen C-Zero, the I-Miev french cousin, parked with a fleet of Trabants on the other side of the fence.

Having been in Berlin for a couple of days, naturally i did a bit of EV searching, with the only species spotted being a bunch of I-Miev family cars, one Model S, one BMW i3 (Company car), one e-Up! and...not much else.

Where are all the Berlin Plug-ins?


  1. Where're all the EVs?

    They are secretly gathering in the densely forested Ardennes region if I had to guess.

  2. He Jose, Nissan Leaf UK sales are online, 1316 in March!

  3. You'll probably see more of them in the greater Munich (BMW HQ) and Hanover (VW HQ) regions...

    Also, not sure how easy it is to spot an e-Golf or Golf GTE as opposed to a gas/diesel one.