Monday, May 9, 2016

Looking For EV's - Sweden April 2016 (Gothemburg)

EV Bus Route 55 -- Gothenburg's First Electric Bus

Gothemburg, also known as Volvo-Land, which is understandable if you consider that both Volvo Trucks and Car companies are based there. And it shows...They are everywhere!

Regarding EV's, plug-in Volvos were relatively common to see (Including the above electric Volvo Bus), in the two days there, i saw 2 or three V60 Plug-ins and one XC90 T8, but the real surprise was the number of Nissans, 3 or 4 Leafs, but also one e-NV200 and other Evalia electric.

We encountered plug-ins with relative ease, the aforementioned brands were the most common type of plug-ins, with the random I-Miev (Or was it a C-Zero?), Prius Plug-in or Outlander PHEV zooming around.

Strangely, no Tesla here. Are their potential customers here all driving Volvos?

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