Tuesday, August 16, 2016

China New EV Models - July 2016

This month we have a mix, together with new models, we will have also a brand that went into our radar and models that finally have their breakdown in sales:

JAC i EV4                                                                  JAC i EV5

Although apparently after the same type of customers (Small BEV sedan buyers), the EV5 is a more upscale offering, noticeable in each models range: 160 kms range for the  EV4, while its posher brother has 250 kms.

Don't expect these models to ramp up sales from their average 500 units/month, as JAC is more focused on the EV6S electric SUV, the current star of the lineup.

JMC E200 - The BEV version of the Benben Mini, it will work as a step above the LSV more utilitarian E100, with 120 kms/h max. speed and 150 kms range, it is still a basic city car, but an honorable one at that.

With the Chinese EV scene going upmarket, expect this new model to outsell its E100 older brother, maybe stabilizing at 1.000-something units per month.

Kandi K12 - An upscale version of the bare-bones K10, this car success will depend more on Kandi's will to put into production than the usual market rules, so assuming the automaker is willing to do so, expect this model to reach some 1.500-2.500 units per month.

 Lifan 620/650 EV                                               Lifan 320/330 EV

Lifan has two plug-in models in its lineup, the 330 EV bug-eyed-Mini/Fiat 500-lookalike, pumping out some 800 units/month and the larger and the easier-on-the-eye 650 EV sedan, a car well prepared to surf the current plug-in wave trend and that will probably outsell the 330 EV in the future.

But for me, the most exciting Lifan is still a few months away: The handsome 820 EV large sedan has some impressive specs announced: 190 hp and 400 kms(!) range.


  1. Hi José.

    Curiously I was thinking in writing an article about this.

    The Chinese electric car market is really booming.

    There are a lot more new models coming this year.

    Baojun E100 EV
    Cowin C3R EV
    JAC iEV6E EV
    Horki 300E EV
    Chery @Ant Mini EV

    And more...

    BYD is now focusing more in BEVs than in plug-in hybrids. The BYD Song EV will come but the plug-in hybrid version might not.


  2. The number of plug-in models present in China is simply staggering, currently i'm following 59 models (Vs 40 max in western markets) and i still have the impression i'm not covering all of them.

    Add that to a rhythm of new models that is 3 or 4 times higher than in the rest of the world, and you've got the general picture for the most exciting EV market around.

    1. jose any news yet on what happened to kandi panda sales? would appreciate if you can get any news on that for july.

    2. hi jose was wondering if you heard anything on kandi ev panda k11 what happen to those numbers? thanks

    3. There is an ongoing scandal involving fake registrations of low cost EV's in China, and that model was involved.

      With Kandi now focusing on the larger K17 Cyclone, i don't see much future for the scandal tainted K11.

    4. oh no thanks jose. appreciate the response.

    5. Jose,

      Thank you for that information about the K11, what was your source for K11's involvement in the scandal?