Sunday, April 2, 2017

News Flash - Ukraine March 2017 update

As you might have noticed by now, we have big hopes for the development of the Ukranian EV Market, a grass root movement that, despite the local OEM official importers reluctance, have greatly increased the fleet of EV's in the country, mostly thanks to second hand imports from Europe and the USA, ending 2016 with around 4% market share, including imports. 

Now, the first results of January-March of 2017 have arrived and the upward trend continues, with 548 BEV and 219 PHEV being registered, a growth of 32% and 24% YoY, respectively.

But the best part maybe yet to come, as the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is working on a bill that, if adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, will reduce the cost of electric vehicles by more than 40%.

If approved, i believe sales would go through the roof and make the Ukraine only the third country to break the 10% threshold, after Norway and Iceland...


  1. Iceland? You mean the Netherlands.

    Iceland or Sweden are more likely candidates for the third spot though.

    1. I think you will have a surprise in the upcoming days regarding Iceland...


    2. Oooh... interesting. :) The netherlands never broke the 10% for a full year, only in single months. This must mean that you are confident that Iceland will do that this year.

      That would mean ~1800 in total in 2017 and an average of about 150 per month.

      That would be geyserhot.

  2. Days, I cant wait that long. Tell us now :)

  3. (February data)

    Waiting for March data to post Iceland on EVS