Monday, November 26, 2018

Japan October 2018

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Toyota loses ground to Nissan

In October, some 3,400 units were registered in the Japanese PEV market, down a staggering 45% YoY, mostly due to the fact that the new Nissan Leaf had its first sales month 12 months ago, scoring a record 3.629 units then, something that the Nissan model couldn't replicate this year, having delivered 1,675 units, which was still the second best October in the nameplate history, while the Toyota Prius PHEV was down 53% YoY, without any other reasonable explanation beyond the fact that demand is slowing down.

The 2018 PEV share is stable at 1.0% share, down 0.1% regarding 2017, with the Prius PHEV being the main culprit, as this year, the Toyota hatchback are down 55%(!).

Is the leader Nissan Leaf stealing sales to the Toyota PHEV?

It sure seems so, as the Nissan Leaf, is seeing its sales nearly double, placing the Nissan BEV on track to beat last year record of 26,734 units, set by the Toyota Prius PHEV. 

As for the third significant plug-in model in Japan, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, sales are up this year (+34% YoY), mostly thanks to the recent restyle, that brought updated specs, but still, we are far from the numbers scored in 2015, when the nameplate hit 11,000 registrations. 

Below the Big Three domestic players, the only other maker with a significant share is BMW, with 5%.


  1. It is strange. I suppose that they definitely have problems with air quality, but continue to use fuel cars...

  2. Maarten VinkhuyzenNovember 26, 2018

    No other BEV selling in any numbers in Japan?
    How can this market be so underdeveloped?
    Mitsubishi should start selling a rebadged Zoe in Japan.

    1. Maarten,

      The real question is why the Nissan Leaf isn't selling in much larger numbers in Japan?

      Because there are more than 7,000 CHdeMO chargers in Japan.

      And there is absolutely no competition in Japan.

      Perhaps it all comes down to the lack of awareness and acceptance of EV's?


  3. This is a highly concentrated and underdeveloped market, with 3 models owning 90% of the market.

    The Second Best Selling BEV is the i3, with some 500 units, which is nothing in a market as big as Japan.

    I think they are associating HEVs, that have 20% share, with eco cars, and do not see the advantage of plugins.

  4. Any news about large battery 2019 Leaf? Seems like production did not started yet ? I mean, sales of 2018 Leaf 2.0 started in Japan in October 2017...

    Tesla sales are still negligeble? They have a few Superchargers in Japan for quite a while...

    1. Due to the Carlos Ghosn scandal, the new Leaf 60kWh is now on hold, let's hope it's not for long.

      As for Tesla, numbers are not significant, with sales not reaching three digits per month.

  5. Jose,

    The Nissan Leaf sales numbers in Japan in 2018 are higher than the Nissan Leaf sales numbers in the US.

    In all previous years the Nissan Leaf sales numbers in Japan have always been lower than the Nissan Leaf sales numbers in the US.

    Is that correct?