Monday, December 13, 2021

December Autovista articles - BMW

BMW - From first mover to follower


  1. Jose Pontes: BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Honda can never become leaders in BEVs as huge resistance is there in their entire management lineup. On top of this BMW is planning to launch i3 sedan built on metal frame, this will be really painful and damaging to existing i3 owner who feel that they have a distinct vehicle with carbon fiber body.

    This weeks great news is delivery start of Rivian R1T/R1S, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Hummer EV. For sure Rivian will sell well since its pure EV company, Ioniq 5 may also sell well since it belongs to new architecture, Hummer will be limited though.

    Expecting US BEV sales to pick up soon.

    1. It is really a shame to what BMW did with the i3 program, i am a big fan of that car, and i believe it will be a future classic.

      The only thing limiting the Ioniq 5 will be production, let's hope the fact that Hyundai is cancelling ICE development means the Korean maker is now 100% into BEVs.

  2. Jose Pontes and all: 2021 is drawing to a close and will end as the greatest years with 95% increase in plugin sales with BEV taking 75% (3/4) share among plugins and a overall 9% share. All this despite a big decrease in overall vehicle sales.
    Many vehicles based on new arch like BYD Dolphin, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6 are hitting the streets in addition low cost EVs with sub $5.000 price tag.
    Still we are not closer to the $100 / kWh battery as it stands at $132 / kWh overall with BEV battery being at $118 / kWh. Perhaps the easing of chip shortage combined with higher sales of LFP could push us faster towards $100 by 2023 end at least. We should note that average vehicle cost is also going up because of extra features and inflation. So the slower decrease in battery cost could still make it affordable for many.

    USA will see 20 new BEVs while China will see 100+ with EU being somewhere in the middle.
    Good to see that your valuable service on stats comes thru CT even though you closed your site. Happy Holidays and a Wonderful Electrified New Year 2022.

    1. Thanks. CT articles relate sales stats and Autovista with more high level analisys to OEMs and single markets.

      For now it's all i have time for.

      Happy new year, and let's hope 2022 signals the year that PEV reaches 10 million sales in one year!

  3. Unquestionably an effort was made to write up that text, although not informative.
    Toyota themselfs, didn't spared any efforts try convincing the world over that it ony took them 2 years to come up with the original Prius, which is a lie. Even now in the 21st Century, hardly anyone can manage to design, engineer, test, validate and homologate vehicles in just 24 months, unless they opt for an half-job, later supplemented with Updates & Recalls.

    So far, comparable manufacturers to BMW have been way less capable to propose EVs: Cadillac has no EVs on offer, as likewise is Lincoln, Acura, Genesis, Infiniti and Alfa-Romeo. Sure that Lexus has, but even self-touting EV fast mover Jaguar, that sub-contracted engineering & manufacture, those are very timid, limited and unsatisfactory vehicles compared to all the models BMW has delivered so far.
    BMW has assembled the i-division during an epoch when similar companies to BMW Group weren't directioning much into Engineering-for-Production EVs.
    Although, now in early 2022, the most direct competitors to BMW already have much more than a couple of EV models on retail offer: Audi has 3 distinct models, Mercedes-Benz has more than 6. With Tesla having 4 models, by that account, BMW with their long-living i3, coupled to the iX3, iX and i4 isn't ill prepared for the EV transition at all.

    1. What really bugs me in BMW, is that they were an early leader and at a given point, they dropped the ball and lost their vision of an electrified future.

      But they weren't the only ones, just look at Nissan, for example.