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Markets Roundup May 2014

Renault Twizy - To Boldly Go Where no Other EV has Gone Before 

After a brilliant 2012, the Renault Twizy fashion sales slumped, leaving the french manufacturer no other choice than to go after fresher, less crowded markets.

That's why Renault expanded Twizy sales to markets like Bulgaria (14 Twizies registered in 2013, two this year), Turkey (2 units in '14), or Morocco (7 in '13, 18 this year), but also to less obvious places like Kuwait (2 units this year) or Dubai (16 Twizies thus far!).   

BMW i3 - Bev vs Rex Breakdown

The numbers show an interesting balance between both versions, but there are differences from market to market, whereas the Northern Europe prefers Rex (Denmark, Sweden), the Central and Southern Europe tend to go for Bevs (Italy, Austria, Belgium), with the exception of France, where Rex is the favorite one.


Trends in the G7 

The French market continues the slow return to form, growing for the forth consecutive time (EV share is at 0,77%), the Netherlands and Norway keep on cruising up high (5,10% and 16,66% EV Share for each one), while the US market benefited from a record month to reach a never-before-seen EV share of 0,75%

The German market is continuing to improve (0,44% vs 0,33% EV share last month), with the Outlander PHEV winning consumers preferences in May. 

China is going from strength to strength (0,15% share vs 0,08% last year), with monthly sales going up for the sixth month in a row(!), propelled by the ever-improving BYD Qin and the arrival of the Tesla Model S.

Largest Markets for EV's

Here are 16 top markets in the world regarding plug-in sales, making the largest contribution for the half a million EV's rolling around the world.

2014 All Time
USA 42.570 213.943
Japan 11.897 86.158
France 5.165 36.594
Norway 8.907 25.294
Germany 4.845 20.369
Netherlands 7.716 37.429
China 10.369 39.053
UK 2.366 10.444
Italy 579 4.448
Spain 326 3.756
Canada 1.580 7.167
Switzerland 699 4.120
Austria 644 3.423
Sweden 1.677 5.070
Belgium 896 3.528
Denmark 496 2.043

Continental Best Sellers

Having seen the interest that the "Europe" article has in EVS, i've tried to do the same with the other continents and here's what i came up to:


Nissan Leaf 10.747
T. Prius Plug-In 7.771
Chevrolet Volt 7.506
Tesla Model S 5.798
Ford Fusion Energi 4.346

It's the same ranking as the the US, only with the Volt closer to the Prius thanks to the Canadian sales


Nissan Leaf  +/- 90
Renault Twizy 18

EV's are basically present in two african countries, Morocco, with the 18 Twizies sold, and South Africa where there's unconfirmed numbers saying that some 90 Leafs were sold to date.

Nissan Leaf 5.679
Outlander PHEV 4.453
BYD Qin 4.302
Chery QQ3 EV 3.216
BYD e6 1.134

It's here that things get interesting, without direct contact in any market (Apart from the limited production of the Venucia "Leaf" in China), japanese and chinese cars share the ranking, and with the BYD Qin sales growing every month, i wouldn't be surprised that at some point in the near future the chinese plug-in would win the Best Selling EV title in Asia.

Other Markets

Spain finally got a breath of fresh sales (119 units, best month of the year), while in other markets, sales are so brisk that it took them just five months to break last year numbers, like in Belgium (896 sales this year, 828 in '13), Poland (30 units in '14, the same as last year), and June comes with the promise of other markets reach the same goal, like Denmark (493 vs 522) or Sweden (1.677 vs 1.922).

Questions for June

1 - Where will be beaten the next sales records?

2 - Who will be #1 in Norway? And in Germany?

3 - Where will the Outlander PHEV #1?

4 - Will the Qin reach the 1.500 registrations?

5 - Where will Tesla make a comeback and reach #1's?

6 - Will the BMW i3 continue to win Best Selling titles?

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  1. Answers:

    1 - China (5.503 units!!!); Austria (189) and Sweden (624);

    2 - Norway is for Tesla, Germany is for BMW, no real surprises here;

    3 - Netherlands, Italy(!) and Sweden;

    4 - Baby steps, another improvement, but to "just" 1.055 units;

    5 - Yes, in Norway, as usual, Switzerland, Denmark

    6 - Yes, but only in Germany and a few minor markets (Hong Kong, Poland, Portugal and Czech Republic).