Tuesday, June 10, 2014

UK All Time Top 5 (Up to December '13)

The Nissan Leaf is miles away from the competition, being the Best Selling Car ever since it arrived, the Plug-In Prius is surprisingly ahead of the Vauxhall Ampera and the last two places are for Renault, with the Kangoo ZE still being the most common EV from the french manufacturer.

PlModelSales (1)
1Nissan Leaf3.146
2Toyota Prius Plug-In976
3Vauxhall Ampera719
4Renault Kangoo ZE448
5Renault Twizy417

(1) - Updated until December 31st, 2013

Best-Selling models by year:
2010 - Smart Fortwo ED (63)
2011 - Nissan Leaf (635)
2012 - Nissan Leaf (699)
2013 - Nissan Leaf (1.812)

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