Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Plugin Magazine & EV Sales

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It’s with great honour that I can say EV Sales is collaborating with Plugin Magazine, an innovative press outlet in Europe that covers brand new technologies and trends, EV's included. Do yourself a favour and check out their website (


  1. Hey, Jose! It's been too long of a while! I'm back with the Irish results and sorry for the delay for July. I skipped over June because only 5 sales were made and a 0.345% share. The share is unimpressive for quite months like those. All passenger sales were 1448 units in June.

    2 - LEAF
    2 - Kangoo Z.E
    1 - Outlander PHEV

    July, while big, is dwarfed compared to the rest of the market and I'm afraid with the words of a 30kWh LEAF would make an impact near the end of the year. Regardless, we have something new to shout about for July!

    Volvo, and it's the first time a Diesel - Plug-in Hybrid was listed. It's the V6 PHEV and its price is screaming at €68,000! Also of note, I had trouble finding almost half of the PHEVs, apparantly 7 plugins were listed as Lexus NXs... smfh...
    Over all, 107 plugins out of 27,567 untis holds a 0.39% share.

    So, the results are... *drumroll*

    July: 107 plugins - 15 PHEVs - 85 EVs - 7 EV Vans

    75 - LEAF
    7 - e-NV200
    7 - ZOE
    6 - Outlander PHEV
    5 - i3 (3 REx / 2 BEV)
    2 - i8
    3 - A3 e-tron
    1 - e-Golf
    1 - V60 PHEV

  2. And of course, congratulations on the partnership, Jose!

  3. Congratulations! well deserved