Friday, August 21, 2015

South Africa July 2015

"I am i8" Edition

After Year Zero in 2014, the South African EV Market is proving to have an encouraging start despite having only three models available, the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i offerings.

160 units were sold this year, already surpassing last year result (140 units), with the EV Share doubling from 0,02% to 0,04%.

The models ranking has a surprising #1, as the BMW i8 is leader since June, surpassing its smaller brother, the i3, this is the first time that a EV Market covered by EVS has the i8 as YTD #1.

The other plug-in offering, the Nissan Leaf, is less successfull in SA, selling only 27 units this year. Lack of Premium appeal?

PlSouth AfricaJuly  YTD%
1BMW i8106742
2BMW i3106641
3Nissan Leaf52717


Source: Best Selling Cars Blog


  1. Well José, I wonder if it wouldn't be worth to send these results to Elon Musk asking him if it's not time to Tesla give a little attention to his born country? :)

    1. Actually, i know that Tesla has South Africa as the first African market to explore (No surprises here), i heard 2018 as the year of the introduction there, but they still don't have a closed timetable for that.

      Considering the success of the BMW i8 in SA, i would say they are indeed wasting time by waiting so much to explore this market.

    2. Hence companies like ...