Saturday, February 3, 2018

News Flash - 03/02/18


The reduced overall January sales (-30%!) in Norway is linked to the lack of access to BEV:
This article comments a survey, where the main conclusion was that, given access to BEV, the share would be 45%
These numbers are of course highly inaccurate but with the BEV share rising from 17 to 23% YoY in January, a 45% score in a survey underlines that there is a lot of waiting
This article confirms that the decrease is expected to be dominated by lack of available BEV:

Has the Norwegian PEV market hit the tipping point where there will be a stampede, with people ditching their ICE vehicles in Exchange for "The Next Big Thing" (BEV)?

Hat tip to Terje!


  1. Yeah !
    Go BEV ! Especially with about 100% renewable energy...
    And the great new offerings coming.

    For the records, 28.6% is the max BEV share to date (September 2017).
    In December (50.0% PEV share) it was 27.5%.

  2. A lot of people i know are on waiting lists. 15000 are on a list for the new Hyundai Kona as an example.