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Portugal April 2018

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Renault Zoe: An increasingly common sight in Lisbon

Record Month

PEV Sales continue on the fast track in Portugal, with April registering a new record month, with 774 sales (3.6% PEV share), and the 2018 Plug-in Share climbing to a record 2.7%, so there's good reasons to be optimistic and even hope for a 3-4% share by year end.

Looking at the fuels mix, this market is known for its diesel-addiction, due to an unbalanced taxation between gasoline (heavily taxed) and diesel (not so much), but even here, these are historic times, with diesel sales down 8%, with April registering a meagre 51% share for the troubled fuel, while all others increased their sales, some of them spectacularly, like LPG (+171%), and all other Alternative Fuels (CNG, HEV, PHEV, BEV) grew over 75% YoY. At this rate, i wouldn't be surprised if diesel sales would be dead in Portugal by 2024... 

But to be fair, this April had a strong tailwind helping out sales, as the EMOV car-sharing company registered 146 Citroen C-Zero in April, a decisive contribution for the record numbers, but it is also a sign that car-sharing has been picking up steam charge in Lisbon, after the good results that the BMW-supported Drivenow company has shown in that city, and even if EVs are a small part of the operation (With data showing that the BMW i3's of the fleet have the highest utilization rate of the lineup), it was enough for the PSA-supported car-sharing company to also launch itself into Lisbon, and with the added bonus of a 100% BEV fleet.

So, following on the success of Madrid, will we see also the Renault-supported car-sharing company, Zity, reaching Lisbon in a near future?

Moving on, so far the Renault Zoe continues to be where it ended 2017, which means, in the lead, with over twice as much registrations as the new runner-up, the Nissan Leaf.

But the new generation of the Japanese hatchback won't be an easy running mate, in only its second full month on the market, the Nissan BEV has already beaten its French cousin (125 vs 103), which is a first in the last 12 months, and the first time it reached the three digits in this market, although this is just the first of many, with a waiting list said to be in the 600 units, the local importer is limited by the Sunderland factory constraints to deliver all units at once, so expect several months of +/-200 units in the near future, just to deliver the units already ordered.

This will of course limit the 2018 Best Seller race to just two models, with the 2017 winner Renault Zoe trying to defend the title from the four times winner (2010, '11, '14, '16) Nissan Leaf.

The following places are in the hands of company-car friendly cars (BMW 530e, BMW 330e), while the aforementioned Citroen C-Zero leaped to #5, due to the EMOV deal, while the Smart Fortwo ED continues to be popular, in #6, having delivered 41 units last month, a new best for the nameplate.

Looking below, the Kia Niro PHEV joined the Top 20, in #20, thanks to another good deliveries month, it has been said the local Kia importer has been having difficulties to have their share of plug-ins from the mothership, confirming once again the serious production constraints that Hyundai-Kia is experiencing, and validating the phrase: "Hyundai-Kia plug-ins are great...But good luck finding one!".

In the manufacturers ranking, BMW (23%) is back on top, displacing Renault (21%) to Second Place, while Nissan (10%) jumped to Third, removing Mercedes (9%) from the podium.

1Renault Zoe10348521
2Nissan Leaf12523010
3BMW 530e722169
4BMW 330e811717
5Citroen C-Zero1461537
6Smart Fortwo ED411075
7Mercedes GLC350e251065
8Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV26824
9BMW i39753
10Volvo XC60 PHEV19703
11BMW 225xe Active Tourer3663
12Smart Forfour ED15532
13Mini Countryman PHEV 492
14Volvo V60 PHEV17472
15Mercedes E350e9452
16Mercedes C350e7442
17VW Passat GTE6412
18Hyundai Ioniq Electric7311
19Toyota Prius PHEV4301
20Kia Niro PHEV9271
Source: ACAP


  1. I believe that the rise in the price of oil will play a decisive factor in BEV's sovereignty in the future. But if big oil companies have reduced profits then depending on their reaction, it will depend on how quickly BEV will steal a bigger share of conventional cars.

  2. What about Tesla Sales in Portugal. No Data ? Or no sales at all ?

    1. There are deliveries, but they weren't enough to reach the Top 20.