Friday, May 3, 2019

Global Sales by Automotive Group - Q1 2019

With the first quarter of the year done, it is time to see how the main PEV Automotive Groups have behaved:

1. BYD Group (71.504, +150%);

2. Tesla (63.000, +105%);

3. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance (60.031, +21%);

4. Geely Group (34.746, +109%);

5. BMW Group (29.208, +5%).

As we can see, the top two makers are really in a league of their own, more than doubling their sales. The Alliance (including JMC) is still close to the other two, but its growth rate is smaller.

Regarding 2018, Geely has jumped 3 spots, to 4th, surpassing its Chinese rivals and a stagnating BMW.

Looking just at BEVs, the ranking goes like this:

1. Tesla (63.000, +105%);

2. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance (46.768, +16%);

3. BYD Group (45.758, +758%);

4. BAIC (26.106, +21%);

5. Hyundai-Kia (19.632, +132%).

In the BEV ranking, Tesla is the expected leader, while BYD BEVs are growing exponentially, surely surpassing the Alliance soon, while the #5 Hyundai-Kia are also on the fast lane.


  1. Love the progress BYD is making on the BEV front :-) Let's just hope they can keep some of the wins even after incentives drop to a fraction in late June...

  2. AnonymousMay 03, 2019

    As many of BYD's phevs have larger batteries than some other popular china bevs, its not really relevant to igbore them......

    1. Not sure that's actually the case... Since there are no subsidies for models with less than 250 km NEDC range any more, the battery sizes for popular entry models have gone up quite a bit. And small BEVs also generally get much more range out of the same battery size than PHEVs.

      Having said that, I'm not exactly ignoring PHEVs... I do believe though they are a transnational technology only, and thus I'm way more interested in progress on the BEV front.

  3. Seems byd got no contribution from Denza

  4. There is an huge -80% breakdown of Tesla sales in Norway, which is one of the most important EV markets. VW eGolf sales are instead soaring only a few cars behind Model3. Also Audi etron and Jaguar iPace were very strong. In May eGolf is already undisputable leader. Just 1 Model S sold in May!!! Big changes are coming.

    1. Why do I have the feeling that you always think hard about how to select numbers to make german car makers look good and especially Tesla look bad.
      I understand you are german and I am too. But we have to accept that the current progress on the german side needs years to catch up.

      Jose, can we have the numbers for the global 5 conventional car makers too? To see the trend and progress? Will they be able to get the curve etc.

    2. Maarten VinkhuyzenMay 05, 2019

      What changes are predicted by no ships arriving in Norway with new Tesla stock?
      As Tesla has explained many times, Teslas are delivered in waves. We are now between two waves, as has happened dozens of times before.
      Nothing surprising or scary, nothing to see, please go on.

    3. Jaguar iPace is not a German car. The numbers and the trend are important. And this shows for May in Norway just rank 8 for Model 3 far behind VW eGolf, Nissan Leaf, iPace....Hyundai Kona. This is an important trend and shows a massive change of model mix sold.

    4. OMG, no ships have arrived in Europe in April! Demand must be non-existent! Tesla is going bankrupt!

      Is it just me, or are Tesla naysayers sounding increasing desperate?...

    5. Heinrich, you can't decide the trend for the month of May at only 6 days into the month - proof of this is that it's now day 7 and the Model 3 has eeked ahead of the Leaf and is in 2nd place by the e-Golf.

      This is also a lull for Tesla in-between their European delivery waves, it's an off month.

  5. You have no clue... There is no breakdown, Tesla deliveries are up 15% in April. And the first and second months of the quarter are not that interesting since Tesla doesn't ship to Europe all the time.
    The undisputed leader is the Model 3, the German offers are not competitive enough.

    1. The May numbers in Norway are showing a different direction. It is somehow surprising why VW eGolf is so successful, yet it could be the lower cost (USD 200 per rangemile) versus Tesla USD 400 per rangemile.

    2. We will see. Just two Model S sold in Norway in May. Far behind Jaguar iPace (49) and Audi etron (41). Too early to say it is a trend, yet a beginning.

    3. AnonymousMay 06, 2019

      Sure, not picking numbers and having a clue is the scarce commodity in both fronts.
      Legacy carmakers exist for a few couple decades so far because they know their business well, people having a clue on the subject should acknowledge that they will not risk their usual business overnight and jump into the newest bandwagon just because. This is why Toyota doesn`t care to sell an hybrid Land Cruiser or quits to manufacture ICE engines paired to hybrid transaxles.
      Same reason why Apple still wastes time & money releasing new iterations of their iPhones, instead of getting their hands together into flying people carriers.
      Yes, Tesla has been amassing, more or less, growing numbers of vehicles produced, but is that news? Remember, when they moved from their Roadster to the Model S, their sales went sky high. And when they introduced the Model X, they continued to increase. Now with the Model 3, the news is that, Tesla as a carmaker, is weak: they abandon their product and concentrate instead in what is flying high at the moment out of the door. Are Roadster spare parts available for repairs?
      Are technicians knowledgeable on any older Tesla models Currently, is the Model S the most luxurious, well appointed and technically superior Tesla sedan?
      Has the digital cockpit on the A-class Mercedes-Benz drained sales of C-class or E-class? Maybe all of then have increased instead... same thing can`t say Tesla. So yes, Tesla will feel some pains when legacy carmakers will start targeting them head on.

    4. Yet, the numbers tell a different story. Tesla Model 3 still way behind Leaf and Volkswagen in Norway in May. Sales for Model S at just three are devastating. iPace and Audi etron are soaring in May already to 69 and 58.

    5. Heinrich, the numbers in May are going to be poor for Tesla until the latter half of the month when new shipments arrive, same as February, then there should be a surge in June (but perhaps not on the scale of March). Until then Tesla sales will continue to trickle in, in Norway.

      Tesla's M3 sales for the YtD still far outpace every other make, model, and brand.

    6. These price/range figures are obvious bullshit. The e-Golf has barely more than half the range of the Model 3 SR+, yet the price is way more than half. In other words, the Model 3 is *cheaper* per mile -- by a significant margin.

      But that's clearly not the only way in which it is superior... Indeed if range/mile was an overriding criterion for buyers, the e-Golf would sell very poorly compared to e.g. the Leaf.

  6. Tesla will deliver more than 20,000 units of the Tesla Model 3 in Norway in 2019.

    That will be a record.