Thursday, July 25, 2019

Australia H1 2019 (draft)

Resultado de imagem para Tesla Model 3 australia

Outlander PHEV leads the ranking (warming up the seat until the Model 3 landing)

Some 2.600 plug-ins were sold so far this year, almost doubling the number of sales YoY, and placing the PEV Share at a record 0.5%, so one could say that Australia is (finally) warming up to plugins, although their New Zealand neighbors are already at 2%, so... 

Looking at the models ranking, the three times Best Seller ('14-'16) Mitsu Outlander PHEV is currently in the lead, with 823 units, improving 50% on its last year performance, while the Hyundai Kona EV had great start here, jumping immediately to the runner-up spot, with over 400 deliveries.

The Tesla Model X, previous winner of the last two editions, is now 3rd, suffering from significant losses, while its older sibling, the Model S, saw demand drop by 52% and is now 5th, with the sports sedan being particularly affected by the iminent arrival of the Model 3, that should disrupt this market and jump into the leadership in a few months (September?)    


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2019

    With leaf and model 3 available in 2nd half 7500~10000 a possible.

    1. Thanks for reminding of the Leaf, i do not know if it will sell in significant numbers in this market, but it has potential.

  2. There are 2,5 times more plug-in sales in little Austria, than in huge Australia yet...

  3. Rumour is that only about 150 Leafs will arrive in Australia in 2019. Nissan took 3 years to sell 500 of the Gen I leafs so suspect they are being very cautious second time around. According to a Sydney Nissan dealer if you order one today, you won't receive it until January 2020 which certainly isn't helping 2019 sales.