Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Canada June 2019

Tesla Model 3 Superstar

June registered some 5.900 plugins in Canada, down 6% YoY, the first drop in over four years, but fear not, as June 2018 was a record month, and the point where most of the Tesla Model 3 backlog was delivered, besides, because the mainstream market is sinking deeper into recession (-10% YoY!), last month plugin share reached a record 3.2%, pulling the 2019 PEV share to 2.5%, above the 2.2% of 2019.

Despite not enjoying the hegemony that is having south of the border, the Model 3 is the main sales drive in Canada, with the midsizer being responsible for roughly one third of all plugin registrations this year. 

The other two Tesla nameplates continue in the Top 10, while the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the new favorite non-Tesla plugin, now that the Chevrolet Volt has entered in sunset-mode.

The Toyota Prius Prime is now the Bronze medalist, having seen its sales grow 14% YoY, benefitting from slowing sales of the Chevy Volt and the fall from grace of the Nissan Leaf, with the Japanese BEV seeing its sales fall 39%.

With the soon-to-be-departed Chevrolet Volt slowing down registrations, one would think that the GM brand would compensate this drop by increasing the Bolt deliveries, but...It's not really happening, in fact the fully-electric hatchback is seeing its sales drop 7% regarding the same period of 2018…

A mention to the landing of the Audi e-Tron last month, with 113 units, it will be interesting to see how Audi's first BEV will be received in Canada, matching the Tesla Model X performances should be hard to reach, but you never know...

Regarding the manufacturers podium, Tesla (38%) is head and shoulders above the competition, while Chevrolet (13%) is in Second Place, and Mitsubishi (10%) in Third Place, but with Toyota (9%) dangesrously close.

Tesla Model 3 & Others

 Toyota Camry
Tesla Model 3
Honda Accord
Ford Fusion
Mercedes C-Class

Looking at the midsize vehicles general ranking, the Model 3 was up to the 2nd spot, with the leader Toyota Camry some 1.000 units ahead, so not that far from being catched.

Looking into the rest of 2019, expect the Model 3 to continue running for the mainstream midsize category leadership, benefitting from the recent federal incentives to win an edge over its ICE competitors.

Tesla Model S & Others

 Mercedes E/CLS
BMW 5-Series
Tesla Model S
Mercedes S-Class
Audi A6

Looking at the Premium full-size cars general ranking, we can see the Tesla Model S steady in the 3rd position, with its registrations dropping just 2%, a small feat in the current SUV-fever context, as with the exception of the leaders Mercedes E/CLS-class (+1% YoY), all other ICE models are witnessing falling sales, with losses ranging from the -30% of the S-Class, to the 53%(!) of the BMW 5-Series.

As for the ugly duckling of the Tesla range, the Model X, it continues far from the class best sellers (for reference, the BMW X5 has 3.391 registrations this year, three times as much as the Tesla), but nevertheless, it has seen its sales grow 17% YoY, so Tesla's Sports-CUV is on the right path. Problem is, the path is loooong...


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2019

    Numbers shown are off. And since this is such an important market, it is unfortunate that just a top10 chart is shown as demonstrated by those 943 units (YTD 4257), because there are some interesting data there such 191 Honda Clarity FCV, 34 Jaguar I-Pace, 24 BMW i3, among others, not just 113 Audi e-tron.
    Nevertheless, from the posted data, Q22019 standings are:

    1st Tesla with 9301 vehicles
    2nd Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance with 3916 vehicles
    3rd General Motors with 3345 vehicles
    4th Toyota with 2132 vehicles
    5th Kia-Hyundai with 1014 vehicles

  2. Considering that the top 10 is full of models with YTD sales above or close to 1,000 units, I don't see how any of the models you mentioned with less than 200 could make even the top 20...

    (Though I guess the latecomer e-tron might be able to enter later in the year, if it keeps up the pace...)