Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Switzerland August 2019

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Tesla Model 3 is red hot

The Swiss PEV market is up 64% in 2019, by registering 9.324 units, with the PEV share now at 4,6% (4,2% last month).

The Tesla Model 3 deliveries continue to pull the market up, with the sedan having 2.868 registrations this year, not only an absolute record for a plugin, but keeping the Model 3 in the overall Top 10, in #7, mighty close to the class leader, the Mercedes C-Class (2.958 units), while the midsize class bronze medalist is right now the Audi A4, with a low 1.381 units figure.

With the Model 3 pulling plugins to new heights, the Tesla Model S and X are also recovering some charge, with both scoring off-peak year best results, with the #9 Model S (#4 in the full-size category) delivering 35 units, while the #11 Model X (#7 in the full-size SUV category) scored 47 units, allowing it to recover some ground to its BEV competitor, the Audi e-Tron.

Speaking of Audi's Panzer, the e-Tron climbed to #6, while the #5 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is repeating here what has already been seen across Europe: It is the only plugin hybrid able to run with the BEV best sellers.

Last month, the only changes happened on the second half of the table, with the BMW 225xe AT climbing to #13, while the Volvo S/V60 PHEV twins were up one spot, to #17.

Outside the Top 20, the Mercedes EQC (19 units in August) is preparing itself to join the table, now being just 7 units below the #20 Kia Niro PHEV.

In the manufacturers ranking, Switzerland is Tesla turf (37%), with Renault (10%) in a distant 2nd place, followed by a recovering BMW, also with 10%, while Hyundai (7%) is in the 4th position.


  1. Looks like next month there will be nine BEVs in the top 10... The Outlander must be feeling seriously lonely up there ;-)

  2. Maarten VinkhuyzenSeptember 20, 2019

    Antrik stole my comment, and did it better. :-)

    I like what you do with models with batteries above and below the bold threshold.

    I am missing the other three Koreans, Niro, Ioniq, Soul.
    To paint the whole table blue, except for the Outlander, we need all the BEV coming the next months from VAG and PSA and a lot more.

    1. Switzerland is not part of the EU -- so I suspect Hyundai/Kia don't have much interest in selling their EVs there?...

      As good as their BEV lineup is, we have to keep in mind that these are still compliance models, selling at a loss when not considering penalties for missing fuel economy and/or ZEV mandates.