Saturday, October 12, 2013

Denmark September 2013

Thanks to the late Better Place deal, the Fluence ZE is the most common EV here
"Model S triumphs in Liliputia" Edition

That's right, Tesla sold 42 units right in its first full sales month, winning the monthly #1 EV spot in Denmark, a larger achievement if you consider that the danish market as a whole is known for its preference for small cars and the Model S is anything but small.

This fact made the american car soar to #3 on the YTD chart and with just 11 separating it from the #2 Renault Zoe, it won't be long for Tesla to get there too.

Looking at the larger picture, the EV market scored 84 units, a new record month, with sales concentrated on three models (Model S, Leaf and Zoe), pulling the EV share to 0,23%, still below from the 0,29% hallmark of '12, but it's getting there and with the predictable strong sales of Tesla and the upcoming BMW i3, this will be another market where EV's will end the year on a strong note.

PlDenmarkSept.     YTD%'12Pl
1Nissan Leaf30144474
2Renault Zoe115418N/A
3Tesla Model S424314N/A
4Renault Fluence ZE
5Renault Twizy1134N/A
6Peugeot iOn
7Renault Kangoo ZE
8Opel Ampera
9Smart Fortwo ED
10Toyota Prius Plug-In



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