Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Switzerland September 2013

The Twizy funmobile is a common sight in the swiss major cities
Tesla Edition

With 136 units in September, the swiss market registered the second best sales month of the year, pulling the EV share to 0,39%, once again Tesla's Model S was the main source of those sales (66 of them), winning easily another monthly #1 and climbing to #4 in the YTD chart.

In other news, the Renault Zoe, selling 24 units, cemented the YTD #1 position and might be safe from attacks from Tesla.

As for the other members of the podium (Especially the #3 Leaf), they are already feeling the pressure of Tesla and have to step up sales if they don't want to be overturned by the new electric-car-posterchild.

1Renault Zoe241882111
2Renault Twizy e)10183211
3Nissan Leaf13149176
4Tesla Model S6611113N/A
5Mitsubishi I-Miev490105
6Opel Ampera95972
7Chevrolet Volt74256
8Citröen C-Zero
9Fisker Karma11428
10Peugeot iOn1919
11Renault Fluence ZE1717
12Tesla Roadster
13Think City


e) Estimate


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