Wednesday, October 9, 2013

UK June 2013

These chinese BYD e6 are testing the waters in the UK

Leaf Wins at Home Edition

With a few months delay, i can now give the stats for the UK EV market of the Second Quarter of this Year, or in other words, until June.

From January '13 until June there were 1.727 plug-ins sold in the United Kingdom, with a EV share of 0,15%, more or less the same as last year (0,145%).

The Nissan Leaf has been the big winner of the year, keeping the number one spot and increasing the market share from 29% to 47%. The local assembly is a plus for the japanese hatch, with the price drop also helping to win customers, having sold already more units (811) than in all 2012 (699).

In second the Prius Plug-In is keeping the pace with 295 sales and 17% share (Up 1%), while the Vauxhall Ampera is still in third but loses 7% share regarding last year and is now threatened by the Renault Zoe, in #4.

In Fifth appears the Renault Kangoo ZE, with rock solid sales rhythm, climbing one position regarding last year, while the Renault Twizy drops two positions and see its sales dwindle greatly.

In #7 we see a novelty, with the BYD e6 appearing for the first time with 50 units, thanks to a fleet deal and at the bottom of the ranking we see the Mitsu I-Miev scoring just one unit sold, to put things in perspective, in '12 it had sold 107 units and in 2011 it had 125 sales...

Brands wise, there isn't any position changes it the top spots, with Nissan head and shoulders above everyone with 47%, followed by Renault with 19% and Toyota with 17%.

Despite having the #2 and #3 positions, PHEV's are a minority within the minority in the UK, with just 1 in 3 plug-ins belonging to that category. Of course, the fact that the Leaf having half of the market to itself might have something to do with it...

PlUKYTD '13%2012%Pl
1Nissan Leaf81147699291
2Toyota Prius Plug-In29517470162
3Vauxhall Ampera1509455163
4Renault Zoe13281013
5Renault Kangoo ZE102623486
6Renault Twizy825292104
7BYD e6503N/AN/AN/A
8Citröen C-Zero45311048
9Peugeot iOn26225195
10Chevrolet Volt23167210
11Renault Fluence ZE7067210
12Smart Fortwo ED3013012
13Mitsubishi I-Miev1010749