Saturday, November 16, 2013

Australia 3Q 2013

Because it got there first (2010), the Mitsu I-Miev is still the most common EV in Australia

Growing Trend Edition

The third quarter australian sales data became available and there are two numbers that translate accurately the status of electric cars there: 0,026% and 117%.

The first number is the aussie EV share, with just 237 sales this year, plug-ins are a very small portion of a market worth a million units.

The second refers to their growth rate regarding a year ago, in isolation it's a healthy sign for electric cars future here, but then again, high growth rates with such a small base are not that meaningful....

Modelswise, the Nissan Leaf continues at #1 with 118 units sold, doubling sales from a year ago. 

The Holden Volt is second with 89 units sold, failing to reach the Leaf's top spot, improving share to 40%.

Finally, in third, the Mitsubishi I-Miev closes the podium without much perspectives of improvement.

Australia3Q '133Q'12
Nissan Leaf11864
Holden Volt89N/A
Mitsubishi I-Miev e)3045

e) - Estimate


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