Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Markets Roundup October 2013

One of the Surprises of the Year, this Volvo is climbing the sales charts

Volvo V60 Plug-In is Gaining Traction

In a month without no clear winners (Prius Plug-In in the USA, Fortwo ED in Germany, Volt in Canada, V60 Plug-In in the Netherlands, Leaf in Japan, Twizy in Italy, Zoe in Austria and France, etc), it's worth mentioning the performance of the swedish electric wagon, besides having with 99% certainty two '13 YTD Best Selling Model (Netherlands and Sweden) for their trophy room, with a third (Finland) also on the way, this month it also secured the Best Selling PHEV title in Germany(!) and Italy, besides other encouraging results elsewhere.

A good sign for the swedish carmaker and a hint that it should bet more on this segment, with increased production capacity, new markets and new models (XC60 Anyone?).

Nissan Leaf World Car 

Looking by continents, we can see the Leaf dominating the Euro and Asian market, while it's still fighting for #1 in the Americas, meaning that the three factory strategy is starting to pay off. 

Trends in the G7 

In the US market the top 3 cars (Prius Plug-In, Volt and Leaf) were separated by just 93 units, while in the YTD chart, the Volt leads but has the Leaf right behind, with less than 700 cars separating them.

Looking at EV shares, Norway and Netherlands EV Shares continue to grow like there's no tomorrow, (4,63% and 2,29%, respectively), while others are witnessing more moderate rises, like the in the USA, now at 0,59%.

Germany registered the best sales month of the year (832 units), and with the german brands launching in the coming months their first entries in this segment, one can only expect that sales will go sky high...

Like in the Netherlands, where a new record was set this month with 1.911 units, making it the best selling market in Europe.

BMW has high hopes for it's small i3

Other Markets

Mentioning countries with small footprints in the electric mobility thing, the Czech Republic has the Nissan Leaf in #1 with 11 units, the Peugeot iOn is second (6 units), while the other french derivative, the Citröen C-Zero is third with 4 units sold.

Poland is another country where the Leaf leads (8 units), with the Opel Ampera second (3 units) and the Renault's Zoe and Twizy tied in third with 2 sales.  

Questions for November

1 - Where will be beaten the next sales records?

2 - Who will be the US #1?

3 - Where will the Outlander PHEV be #1?

4 - Will the Zoe recover any more #1's?

5 - Where will the BMW i3 reach #1?

6 - Will the V60 Plug-In collect any other #1?

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  1. Answers:

    1 - Netherlands (5.324 units!), Norway (1.477) and Denmark (93);

    2 - Nissan Leaf;

    3 - Japan and the Netherlands;

    4 - Nope;

    5 - Spain and Poland;

    6 - No.