Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Switzerland October 2013

One electric car for the swiss (rich) people: The Tesla Model S

Zoe Edition

With 100 units in October, the swiss market stumbled 30% regarding last month but, despite that, the EV share is atable at.

This month was the Renault Zoe turn to have a smash month, selling 52 units, making October the second best month of the french hatch in swiss country. As the #2 (Twizy) and #3 (Leaf), only registered one unit, Renault's star-baby distanced itself in #1 on the YTD chart.

The other car to register significant sales on the EV chart was the Tesla Model S (18 units), making Switzerland one of the most successful markets for the american manufacturer.

Finally, an unexpected move at the bottom of the YTD chart: The long dead Fisker Karma had some sort of resurrection (Stock clearance?) and sold seven units this month, enough to pass the dead man walking Citröen C-Zero and climb to #8.

1Renault Zoe522402411
2Renault Twizy 1188191
3Nissan Leaf1150156
4Tesla Model S1812913N/A
5Mitsubishi I-Miev999105
6Opel Ampera76672
7Chevrolet Volt54756
8Fisker Karma72128
9Citröen C-Zero
10Peugeot iOn
11Renault Fluence ZE
12Tesla Roadster
13Think City


Source:; Manufacturers


  1. I can't wait to see October summary for Europe. It seem's Zoe is slowly recovering!

  2. Yep, Renault should be glad, the problem for them is that there are cars (*cough* V60 PHEV * Cough * Outlander PHEV *) doing even better!

    1. But these are different sort of cars. Zoe is a small city car and V60, Outlander are much larger.

      Nevertheless I agree, as a small car Zoe should be selling better. Is the price w problem?

    2. I reckon that buyers are put off by Renault's battery lease program. Also, the Zoe is no an established model. The V60 and Outlander PHEV don't suffer from these problems. It's also good to see manufactures other than Renault-Nissan having significant sales.

    3. Yep, i think Renault's lease program has a lot to do with it, and it's not just the Zoe suffering, if the Twizy had a more favorable lease program, it too would do better, at least in countries with mild temperatures.