Sunday, November 20, 2016

China New Models - October 2016

In October we have two new models, the first is a sharp hatchback from Changan and the second is Chery's long awaited step into the sedan market.

Image result for 2016 Changan Benni EV specs
Changan Benni EV - This sporty looking hatch is the brand's new offering for the EV hatchback class (Think Toyota Yaris), design is always subjective, but for me it is the best looking small EV Made in China ever, its 67 hp engine allows it to reach 120 kms/h top speed, so its no slouch on the highway, too bad the range is just 150 kms...Aside from range, this is one of those easy-as-candy selling models, so despite only delivering 15 units in its first month in the market, it will surely surpass its Eado EV bigger brother as Changan's best selling plug-in. 

Sales Target: 1.000 units/month

Chery Arrizo 7 PHEV - There was a time when Chery was the main driving force behind EV's in China, with the basic QQ EV allowing it to the best selling brand from 2011 to 2013, however, the introduction of the BYD Qin in late 2013 signaled a seismic change in the local market, with sales shooting up and regular cars taking over the top places in the ranking. After three long years, Chery finally responded to these trends, by launching a plug-in hybrid version of its good-looking sedan, the Arrizo 7. Despite joining a hot class, the 9.2 kWh battery and 50 kms electric range are rather forgettable specs, when compared with the SAIC e550 (11.8 kWh and 58 kms) or the current star, the BYD Qin (13 kWh and 70 kms range). Still, the 172 units registered in its landing month bode well for the future.  

Sales Target: 1.000 units/month

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