Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Russia July 2016 (Draft)

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Yes, Ladas have also joined the EV Bandwagon
I am always amazed with the high amount of readers that EV Sales has in Russia, so it's with pleasure that i can give back some data to them, a Russian EV Podium draft, based on the information i have this year.

Pl............Model............. YTD 2016
1.  Nissan Leaf ........................163
2.  Tesla Model S........................82
3.  Mitsubishi I-Miev....................52

With the year tally at around 400 units, registrations are tripling regarding last year, so this can be the first year that plug-in sales reach four digits.

If last year Tesla ended Mitsubishi's undisputed lead on this market (The Japanese was the Best Selling brand since 2011), this year it is the Nissan Leaf (Used Imports?) that leads the way, followed by the Tesla Model S and the Mitsubishi I-Miev, the tiny city car is an ever popular plug-in model here, which along with electric Ladas, make the two most unusual trends of this EV market.

With the imminent arrival of the modern Lada Vesta EV (Above), expect Lada to have a decent product to offer, unlike the previous model (Below), and finally start to run at the same pace of their foreign counterparts.

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Electric Lada Kalina EL


  1. Lada is not a car, it's a coffin on wheels. An electric Lada is not a car, it's an electric coffin on wheels.

  2. How difficult would it be to know how many of these cars are new bought cars and how many are used imports car? (like for Ukraine EV sales).

    1. It's difficult, believe me.

      If anyone has more info on this, i would be glad to publish it.

    2. This data is published for 2017:

      Used EV sales in Russia:1047(2017)vs 313(2016).
      932 are used Nissan Leaf, imported through Russian Far East(likely from Japan). Also 50 used MiEV, 44 Model S and 4 Model X have been sold in 2017.
      New EV sales: 95(2017) vs 74(2016).
      48 new model X, 14 Model S, 29 Leaf have been sold in 2017.


  3. Official data is different https://www.autostat.ru/infographics/27302/

  4. If you interesting Russian EV sales 2017. www.autonews.ru/news/5a676aae9a79474fdd77d9b1?from=newsfeed