Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ireland August 2014

Tipping Point? Edition

August is usually a low sales month in this highly seasonal market, but ev's just kept on selling, 37 were sold in Ireland last month, representing a record 0,75% share for plug-ins, and putting the YTD EV Share at 0,24%, three times higher than last year, could this be the tipping point for electric cars in Ireland, when people begin to see plug-ins as a valid option for transportation?

Nissan was for a long time the electric car evangelist in the Emerald Island, insisting in selling the Leaf here, despite symbolic sales, now it seems that it's harvesting those ceeds, with 174 units sold, 22 of them in August. The Mitsu Outlander PHEV is helping on this sudden growth, it was again #2, with 6 units, showing Plug-In Hybrids can be an interesting alternative in Ireland.

PlIrelandAug YTD%'13Pl
1Nissan Leaf22174841
2Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV6187N/A
3BMW i341245
4Renault Zoe152N/A
5Tesla Model S341N/A
6Renault Twizy213
Renault Kangoo ZE
BMW i8



Source: beepbeep.ie


  1. Sales after August will be slow! The whole thing just decreases by 500 to 700 units per month until December. If plug-ins hold out on that trend? Goodness, just imagine! 7 or 10 EVs sold out of 250 cars sold in Decemeber? Now that share will be impressive!

    I'm not sure if they recorrect themselves after a while, but th enumbers differ slightly. Year-long results are:

    13 i3s - 9 BEV, 4 REX
    170 LEAFs
    3 Fluence Z.E.s (in January)
    4 Kangoo Z.E.s (3 in Febuary, 1 in July, August numbers are not in yet).

  2. Thanks! But I didn't tell GCR about it. I was rather surprised. I really only have connections with InsideEVs but they have a significant problem of what to write, too much content actually. It's difficult to ballance the breaking news and stuff like this and fit them all (13 of them) on the front page. Most of the traffic would only read from the front page.

    Anyway, at least it's nice to show that there's a lot more reading this blog than I would've thought.

  3. I know Matt from GCR, so it isn't a surprise for me, but it is nice to see that they use some of my work there, regarding EVS, which started as a hobby, it is proving to be really successful (With plenty of russian readers(!) ), but i only wish i could write more on it (there's plenty to write about), but i don't have the time to do more :(