Friday, September 12, 2014

Shopping for an EV - Outlander PHEV (3/3)

And how did the Outlander PHEV felt like? - You may ask.

Well, pretty much like every midsize heavy SUV feels like, apart from some extra buttons and extra-silence in the electric-only drive.

This was my first plug-in hybrid drive, so i can´t say if the transition (gas/electric) is better or worse than in other PHEV's, but after driving the Leaf or i3, everytime i went back to my regular car, i felt like i had left an iPod and was back an LP disc (Does anyone remember these?).

Not so with the Outlander, it probably felt the most simple to use and analogic plug-in i have ever tried (1),  and probably that's one of its strengths, because many buyers feel a bit intimidated by the 22nd Century Technology and "The Future Is Today" tags that many times are attached to electric cars, if they find that their plug-in isn't that much different from their previous car, probably many would feel more comfortable with that.

Towards the end of the test drive, i saw a gravel road and asked if i could go there, and the sales guy said:

- Sure, after all, this is a 4WD!

"Now that's trusting your product!" - I thought, remembering that Lexus advises buyers not to off-road their hybrid RX's, "Because it might harm the electric parts of the car".

Finally, back to the dealership, i said that the Outlander PHEV was a bit more expensive than what o thought and asked i could get a discount, he replied that they didn't had margin for that, because the technology was new and it was already being sold with the lowest price possible, i asked if they could sell a demonstration vehicle with any discount, to which he said that the car had just been launched and you had to wait some 6 to 9 months in order to do that, so it was agreed that we talk again by that time.

Before i said goodbye, i asked if they were successful in selling PHEV's, to which he replied:

- No, not really...

- Because it's a new kind of technology and people aren't into that?

-No, because it is expensive, and buyers shy away from this to more affordable cars, i had one person that came here to see it (Outlander PHEV) and in the end, i sold him an ASX SUV, only because he didn't had the money to reach to the Outlander"

(1) - Except for the Mitsubishi I-Miev


  1. nice mystery shopping! Can i ask u what is your own car now?

  2. yesterday I did my 1º test drive of an EV, it was a smart ED