Tuesday, September 30, 2014

World Top 10 August 2014

Feeling tired, PiP?...

Models - BMW i3 Jumps to #6

There were nearly 27.000 plug-ins sold last month, representing a 26% jump regarding the same month last year, making a YTD sales this year of more than 192.000 units, and with four more months to go, likely all above the 25k level, we could be talking of a 2014 EV sales total of around 300.000 units, not bad considering that the same total last year was 212.496...

Looking to models ranking, the leader Nissan Leaf continued head and shoulders above the rest, but overall sales are growing at a faster pace than those of the japanese hatch, making it loose 3% share in the last four months.

The Outlander PHEV and Model S had below par months, but the Prius Plug-In had it worst, selling just 1.155 units, its worst showing since 2012, with the regular Prius also showing signs of falling sales, it is clear that Toyota's Eco-Star is desperately needing a makeover. 

But for every loser, there's a winner, and this time they are the BMW i3 and Kandi EV, beating their respective sales records, and climbing to #6 and #7 respectively, at the expense of the Ford Fusion Energi, which dropped two positions to #8. 

Behind these three, the #9 BYD Qin (1.316 units, for the zillionth eighth consecutive time, new personal best) distanced itself even more from the #10 Ford C-Max Energi.

1Nissan Leaf5.25638.051201
2Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV1.59720.276115
3Tesla Model S1.60017.64494
4Chevrolet Volt (1)2.76414.94182
5Toyota Prius Plug-In1.15514.61283
6BMW i31.8379.069520
7Kandi EV e)2.0008.8295N/A
8Ford Fusion Energi1.2328.76359
9BYD Qin1.3167.773440
10Ford C-Max Energi1.0655.92938


Manufacturers - Changes Down Below 

If the top four positions continued the same, from #5 down there's a lot going on:

Chevrolet had a superb month, selling 2.844 units, its best performance of the year, and with it, changed positions with Toyota, relegating the Japanese Giant to #6;

BMW has beaten yet again its sales record (1.921 units), climbing to #8 and pressuring the ever-improving BYD for #7.

After losing to BMW the #8 spot, in #9 we now have Renault, which had another horrible result (Just 974 units), which is eons behind the monthly result of the #10 Kandi (Only 312 units behind), but it is also behind the 1.274 units that the #11 Volkswagen sold last month.

Will we see the french automaker out of the Manufacturers Top 10 ranking by the end of this year? What would seemed to be almost impossible a year ago (Renault was #4 in 2012 and #6 in '13), it now looks to have a strong chance of happening...

5Chevrolet 2.84415.81582
10Kandi e)2.0008.8295N/A

(1) - Includes Holden Volt, Opel and Vauxhall Ampera;

e) - Estimate

Questions for September

1 - Which model will be #6? 

2 - Who will improve their sales records?

3 - Can Ford reach Tesla and go for #3?...

4 - ...Or will Chevrolet get even closer to Ford?

5 - Will BMW reach to #7?


  1. Akiharu MuraseSeptember 30, 2014

    Please update Belgium August 2014.

  2. I feel rather sad for Renault, no.9 and soon that would be taken away from it by Kandi! Anyway, I almost forgot. Irish September sales. It's a little less wild than August, but it's still way above the national average.

    14 electrics and 8 "unknowns" (PHEVs), making 0.38% of the market.

    1 Zoe
    2 Twizys
    1 e-Golf (new entry!)
    3 i3s (2 are RExs)
    9 LEAFs (fun fact - sold the same as the Juke)
    6 Outlander PHEVs (out of 12 Outlanders)

  3. Would it be possible to add a ranking of the top ten countries by EV share for 2014 to date?

    1. Yep, I'll post it by the end of this month on the "Markets Roundup" article.