Thursday, August 9, 2018

Canada July 2018

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After an historic June, July followed with more normal results, the disruptive force of the Tesla Model 3 continued to make itself felt, with the Tesla midsizer reaching the leadership in the 2018 ranking. Yet, the Californian wasn't the Best Seller in July, but more on that below... 

Looking at the PEV share, after an historic 3.2% PEV share in June, July registered just 1.9%, placing the 2018 share at 2.1%.

As previously said, July's Best Seller wasn't the Tesla Model 3, but the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, with 598 units, a new personal best, that allowed it to surpass the Chevrolet Volt and .reach Second Place, only 95 units behind Tesla's new baby. 

Will we see the Japanese SUV race the Model 3 for the Best Seller status?

The Honda Clarity PHEV is now #12, up two positions, confirming the success of the Honda plug-in. Maybe it's time to start selling it ouside North America?

Regarding the manufacturers podium, we still have Chevrolet (18%, down 2%) in Number One, being increasingly pressured by Tesla (17%), with the all-electric brand set to become the Top Dog soon (September?), while in Third we have Mitsubishi (12% up 1%), slightly ahead of the #4 Nissan (11%).


Tesla Model 3 vs The Others 

Mercedes C-Class 
BMW 3-Series
Audi A4
Tesla Model 3
Audi A5

The Tesla Model 3 had its first regular sales month in July, being the Fourth Best Selling model in its category last month, with some 350 deliveries, close to the #3 Audi A4 (376), but far from the BMW 3-Series (611) and especially the leader Mercedes C-Class (1,045).

This maintained the Tesla Model 3 in Fourth Place on the 2018 ranking, although the Californian could surpass the Audi and BMW models soon. 

As for the Mercedes C-Class, things are trickier, as the Merc usually registers some 1,000 units/month performances, so i guess the Model 3 will only be able to outsell it once the Short Range version is effectively on the roads.

Another interesting fact is that, with the exception of the Merc C-Class, all other Top 5 ICE models are having 25%-plus YoY sales drops, so the Model 3, added to the SUV craze, is reshaping the Midsize Luxury Car market. 

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  1. Like I said, Tesla delivered almost all of their model 3 reservations for Canada in one month thanks to trying to avoid hitting 200,000 in June. One would expect July to be much higher even with the tax credit gone but it supports my claim that the model 3 wasn't going to be a huge seller in Canada based on how many and the kinds of EVs sold there. I expect August's model 3 numbers to be between zero and 100.