Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Norway July 2018

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King Leaf

After a June sales peak, due to the latest fiscal changes, that increased taxes on short range PHEVs, July came and saw the PEV market drop 6% YoY, to 3,738 units, mostly due to the PHEV hangover, with plug-in hybrids sinking 32% last month, while BEVs resumed the growth path (+26%), despite the current long waiting lists (Hyundai Kona BEV, Audi e-Tron, etc...) preventing further growth.

Nevertheless, plug-ins reached 39% share in July, dropping the YTD share to 46%, down 1%.

The fuels mix in last month showed gasoline cars recovering the lead (27% of all sales), while BEVs were Second, with 24% share.

Looking at July Top Sellers, the new Nissan Leaf was King once again, with 980 units, doubling the registrations of the #2 VW e-Golf, while the BMW i3 returned to the Podium, in Third Place.

The surprise of the month was the Fifth Position of the Audi A3 e-Tron, with 216 units a new Year Best.

Looking at the 2018 ranking, the top positions stayed the same, with the first change happening only in #13, with the BMW 225xe Act. Tourer surpassing its X5 PHEV sibling.

The Climber of the Month was the Audi A3 e-Tron, jumping two positions, to #16, while its Q7 e-Tron stablemate also had a positive month, climbing one position to #19, thanks to 139 deliveries, its best performance this year.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Nissan is still in the lead (17%, up 1%), but is closely followed by BMW (15%), Volkswagen (13%, down 1%) and Volvo (11%, down 1%), so at first sight, the Japanese hatchback would need to keep a close eye on them to remain with the Gold Medal, but because PHEVs are a big part of the pursuitors lineup, they will have a harder time selling in the second half of the year, so Tesla (11%) might even get ahead of them and end 2018 in the Podium.


Models breakdown by Fuel Source

With the PEV share dropping to 39%, plug-in models lost some momentum, breaking down sales by fuel source, we see ICE models recovering, with 2 representatives in the Top 10, along with 3 BEVs, 2 PHEVs and 3 HEVs, with the Best Selling HEV (Toyota Yaris) being Third, recovering its podium position.

With regular ICE models in #5 and #7, PHEVs under-performed this month, with the best selling one being only #9.


  1. Replies
    1. Low 10's. It seems the Kona flood is still to hit Norway.

    2. 19 Hyundai Kona BEV, 2 Jaguar I-Pace in July, probably for demonstration purposes only.

    3. Jose,

      Hyundai first will have to increase weekly production numbers of the Hyundai Kona EV substantially.

      There seems to be enough demand for the Hyundai Kona EV in South Korea as well.

      Are there any production numbers revealed concerning the Hyundai Kona EV?

    4. Oh, guys, I am terrible, I am just used 30 minutes of my time to find out that the first 100 Kona Electric just arrived to Norway

    5. Thanks, Kudos for the effort!

  2. Maarten VinhuyzenAugust 08, 2018

    Did some of the PHEV miss the delivery deadline, or was there an administrative (grand-daddy) loophole / procedure that allowed the delivery of ordered cars after the deadline with the incentives from before the deadline?

    1. Although i have no source to back it up, i believe it could be the case, i remember the same thing happened in The Netherlands and Denmark.

  3. I believe that in Norway customers have a standstill waiting for which integrated electric cars will be presented by the Germans in 2019, the new Nissan Leaf 60KWh and the Tesla Model 3, and we will probably have to expect a strong sales increase in a few months from now.

    1. It is a standstill because the car manufacturers can't deliver enough vehicles. The waiting times for current plugins are horrible.

      That is why total sales is dropping in Norway, people don't get the vehicles they have ordered.

      The increased number of 60+ kWh models will of course make the percentages jump a lot too

  4. Poor Tesla. Registering only 64 cars in July and August is not looking any better this is of course before the Ipace and Kona start rolling off the boat in the coming weeks. 2nd half is going to be interesting for Tesla in Europe especially Norway and the Netherlands.

    1. Tesla is still delivering to Europe/Norway mainly in the third month of the quarter.
      July and August are not important, it is September that counts.

    2. Mikael, in 2017 a few hundred Teslas were registered in both July and August in Norway. This year we saw 64 registered in July and August is looking to be about the same. This is not a trend that screams "Tesla is going to do well in September!"

    3. Europe and other international market will be a low priority in the next months as Tesla will want to attend US market before the end of 2018, and so the end of 100% of $7500 federal tax credit.

  5. Jose,

    Nissan Leaf sales in July 2018 in Japan are +75% (compared to July 2017).