Friday, December 28, 2018

Global Top 20 - November 2018

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Models: Nissan Leaf resists the BAIC EC-Series in (another) Record month

Registrations grew 73%  YoY in November, to over 237,000 units, continuing for the third time a streak of record months. 

This brilliant performance set the yearly tally straight into the 2 million PEVs mark, a stark departure from the 1.2 million of 2017. 

Because of this, the global PEV share grew once again, crossing into 2% share, with December probably placing the final 2018 share north of that value.  

In November the question at the top was knowing if the Silver Medal would change hands, with the BAIC EC-Series failing to overcome the #2 Nissan Leaf, but with only 400 units separating them, it seems December will finally see the Chinese nameplate reach the Second Place.

Another interesting race is happening at #6, with the Prius PHEV, Toyota's only plugin model, trying to resist the Tesla Model X, with less than 1.000 units separating them and the Californian going into warp speed in December, the Japanese is set to lose another spot until the end of the year, thus losing four positions, comparing with 2017. Do i hear an alarm call at Toyota HQ? Are they listening?

As for the remaining YTD ranking, the BYD e5 is now #9, that thanks to another record performance (5.574 deliveries), it climbed one position.

The Chery eQ and Renault Zoe climbed one position each, to #11 and #12, respectively, with the French hatchback hitting a Personal Best result of 5.370 deliveries, while the BMW 530e continues its seemingly never ending rise, now climbing to #14, thanks to a massive 5.164 units, the best result ever for a BMW plugin.

Interestingly the other BMW on the Top 20, the i3, also improved in the ranking, up one position to #16, scoring 3.468 units, a new record for the German hot hatch. 

But the Climber of the Month was the BYD Tang PHEV, that jumped two positions, to #17, thanks to a record 6.405 units, a new all-time best for a BYD model, at this pace, the Chinese SUV could even end the year at #15.

Finally, we have a new face in the Top 20, with the BYD Yuan EV reaching #20, thanks to a record 6.188 registrations, being not only the best candidate for Rookie Of The Year, but also the Fifth BYD in the 2018 Global Top 20...

Looking at the BEV / PHEV breakdown, pure electrics have grown their share by yet another 1%, to 67% of the total market, mostly thanks to China and the Model 3, making this the highest BEV share since 1411 2011! 

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Best Selling EV maker in the World

Manufacturers: BYD wins November, Tesla #1 YTD

November saw BYD win the monthly Manufacturers title, thanks to a record 29.000 units, being its first win since April. 

With Tesla ramping up to what can only be an historic December (over 40k?), the American maker has enough YTD margin from BYD, to keep comfortable in the leadership, even if BYD pulls out a 30k-plus performance. 

One thing is certain, right now BYD is the only maker able to follow Tesla's pace.

Coming down from Outer Space and back to Earth, the #4 BMW broke its personal record, mostly thanks to the Chinese deliveries of the 530e, while the most important change is Nissan climbing to #5, thanks to a record 11.362 deliveries, that can attributed to the deliveries ramp up of the Nissan Sylphy EV in China.

Interestingly, #10 Volkswagen had its best score (6.240 units) since 2015, in great part due to the start of its Chinese operations. Are we seeing a pattern here?...

Chevrolet recovered one spot, climbing to #8, thanks to a record 7.881 units, while another Legacy OEM  also had a record month, with Renault registering 6.723 units.
Below the Top 10, Geely climbed to #12, while its Premium arm, the #18 Volvo, had a Year Best performance of 3.670 units. 

Finally, we have a new brand on the Top 20, with Dongfeng climbing to #20, thanks to a record 8.754 deliveries last month. And to think the manufacturer delivered 3.158 units in the whole year of 2017...

Grouping sales by brand origin, China has once again increased its leadership, to 49% (+1%), with the USA (16%) stable in Second, and the #3 Germany (13%, down 2%) is losing steam.



  1. Such an amazing month for EVs - really cool)

    There are some doubts about Tesla hitting its record in December. Some people think that Tesla has terrible Model 3 deliveries in December - like a 15 thousands. Read for more details Troy Teslike and skabooshka (this one is a shortseller) on Twitter

  2. Impressive numbers from BAIC !! Nissan Leaf may be in third place in December!

  3. Looks like there will be three Teslas in the top 5 for the year. I did not expect that....

    It is kind of sad that there are still only 2 non Tesla EVs that are hitting 50k per year in sales.

  4. How is it going for India?

    1. It's not. Apart from a few hundreds coming from Tata and Mahindra, it's an untapped market.

  5. Thanks again for a fantastic work but there seams to be a miss on the Hyundai numbers, according to this Hyundai sold 7,909 EVs in November.

    1. Looks like Hyundai reports production, no sales.

      Because there is nowhere to find this 5000 Konas per month

  6. I assume you mean that the 2 million car mark will be reached at year end? Only at 1.72 at the moment.

  7. I expected 230,000 sales and this 237,553 is really sweet treat for the holiday season.

    2018-12 needs 271,371 sales to hit 2 million mark. I hope everyone will put best efforts to sell as much as possible since the subsidies are coming to an end and hit the magic mark.
    If we include heavy vehicles, 2 million has already reached.

  8. Numbers for Hyundai are quite different:

  9. Interesting thing is, how much time will take to pass from 4 million plugins in the world to 5 million? Last time took 6 months, this time will be even quicker. I guess 5 months, maybe 4,5.

    4 million was reached just at the beginning of Semptember, so we have for the last 3 months: 202k+208k+237k= 647k. December could probably reach 250k (but I think it could overtake that number quite a bit) to 897k.

    Then January will unavoidably slow down, but it will surely be better than 103k. So, less than 5 months! :D

    1. The Global EV Outlook 2018 reported a global stock of 3,109,050 plug-in electric passenger cars at the end of 2017. Adding 1,728,629 reported here for the first eleven months of 2018 rises the global total to 4,837,679, just 162,321 short of 5 million plug-in passenger cars. This means the 5 millionth plug-in electric car was already sold!!!

      Check the Outlook Statistical Annex here:

  10. Maarten VinkhuyzenDecember 29, 2018

    Jose, Hyundai publishes confusing reports, but if I read them correctly they sold 8052 PHEV/BEV in November.
    It are the reports hmc-sales-by-model-y2018.xlsx and hmc-global-plant-sales-y2018.xlsx.

    It is not clear to me whether this is production or actual customer sales, or perhaps sales to dealers.

    The 2018YTD number is just over 45k.

    I know what you do, collecting numbers from many places and consolidating them, is crazy complex.
    Writing a lazy article based on a single downloaded spreadsheet is so much easier, and misses the numbers in the other spreadsheet.

    As always, thanks for a fantastic job.

    1. Thanks. I think the numbers are not actual registrations, but dealer shippings.

  11. Jose,


    "In 2018, we delivered a total of 245,240 vehicles: 145,846 Model 3 and 99,394 Model S and X. To put our growth into perspective, we delivered almost as many vehicles in 2018 as we did in all prior years combined."

    That's very impressive.

    I think that they will aim for about half a million EV deliveries in 2019.


    1. 145k is on the low side of my expectations, but good nevertheless, it just wasn't awesome.

      Let's see what they can do in 2019, i would say 450-500k.