Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Ukraine April 2020

Mitsubishi Delivers 635 Outlander PHEVs to Ukrainian Police | E-Hike

PHEVs to the power among new registrations...

...While the Nissan Leaf continues to be the king of used imports

With Ukraine being a little known success story in the EV world, in 2018 the PEV share crossed north of the 1% mark in new car sales, while adding used imports to the tally, the score jumped to 5% of registrations, this country demonstrated a winning formula for the electrification of developing countries: Customs clearance for EVs, without paying excise taxes and VAT allows that the private sector to import used EVs from markets where electric vehicles are common (California, Europe, etc), but old models, like the Nissan Leaf, are cheap, as locals disregard them for having low range and looking old hats.  

This way, these EVs instead of collecting dust in used dealer lots of more developed markets, they gain a new life in these countries, where their cheap prices and running costs are a boon for customers avid for electric cars, but can't reach to the price of a new EV.

This year, Ukraine continues on the right track, with 1.5% share, in line with last year result, but the powertrain mix has changed considerably, while last year BEVs ruled, with some 80% share, this year it's PHEVs that are ahead, with 56% of registrations.

So, do the Best Sellers table reflect this change on the status quo?

Indeed it does, looking at first time registrations, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is in the lead, and if the Japanese SUV had been before in that position, back in 2017, due to a fleet deal with the local Police, this time is due to organic demand, running ahead of another PHEV, the Porsche Cayenne PHEV.

The last place of the podium (and Best Selling BEV trophy) is being hardly fought by the Audi e-Tron and Jaguar i-Pace, with British SUV being quite popular on this corner of Europe.

Interestingly, all 5 models are either crossover or SUVs…

Because the used imports market is some 5 times larger than the 1st registrations, it is important to look at the overall EV fleet in Ukraine, there are already some 27.000 plugins in Ukraine, making it one of the Top 12 countries in Europe when it comes to EV parc size, with the Nissan Leaf being by far the most common model, with over 11.000 units zooming around Ukraine, of all these plugins, 3 out of 4 are BEVs, and the average age is around 5 years.


  1. @jose
    Tesla has reduced the price of Model S/X by $5,000 in USA and Model 3 by $2,000. This is because of the reduction in battery cost and not because of pandemic. This is a great news and makes much better sense to buy a Model 3 with 250 mile / 400 km range for $38,000 rather than $38,200 on Leaf + for just 226 / 360 km range.

    Model 3 has same interior volume as Leaf, but has some extra frunk space, speed, supercharging and so many other good features.

    1. Model 3 is so much more advanced than the Leaf in terms of technology and driving pleasure, it's not even funny... However, keep in mind that in Europe, the Model 3 is quite a bit more expensive still; and what's more, larger cars are also more expensive in terms of ongoing costs for insurance and taxes...

      (This is alleviated by much lower depreciation for Model 3 -- but I'm not sure many buyers are considering this factor...)

    2. Man, why would you sell your car 5000 USD cheaper if you can sell it on the higher price? Of course the price reduction is because there is less demand (currently).